Bet on Football in Hungary: Who Will Win the NB1 Derby?

NB1 Betting Odds Hungary

Hungarian football is not living its best years in the past 3-4 decades, but some might think that they are about to be on the rise… Are they?

Whether they are or they aren’t, we can know one thing for sure: it’s still not a bad idea to join any of the best online sportsbook sites in Hungary and bet on football in Hungary! Okay, the national team is not good enough to qualify for the World Cup, or even to avoid a defeat against Andorra, but Hungarian football clubs…

Well, Hungarian football clubs are not any different either. None of them participates in the Champions League group stages nor the Europa League group stages. For a reason. And the Hungarian first division, the so called NB1 fails to increase its UEFA coefficient points. But should you still bet on football in Hungary?

Where should you bet on football in Hungary?

The best sites to bet on football in Hungary are definitely worth visiting. While Hungarian gambling laws are not very friendly with foreign-based operators, you can still find some of the most popular entries from the online sportsbook directoryin Hungary.

For example, you should take a look at the latest review about Bwin Sport as well as our review about Unibet Sportsbook if you are planning to place a bet on football in Hungary. These two sites offer the best odds for NB1 matches. And if you plan to bet on Hungarian league games, this is your week…

Bet on NB1 matches this week!

This week hosts the biggest football derby in Hungrian history as Ferencvaros will face Ujpest. The ancient rivals have lived better days but their encounters are always highly expected by online sportsbook news sites in Hungary. While the odds predict an easy game for FTC this time, we can’t take their victory for granted.

Those who would want to bet on Fradi to win, will face 1.73 odds at Unibet Sportsbook, while the odds for UTE to win are 4.75 at the same site. While the one team is among the favourites to win Hungarian league, UTE are hoping to avoid relegation this year…

In addition, you can also bet on Videoton v Puskas Akademia this week. This game is interesting because both teams are from Western Hungary, but the match will be played in Budapest. Videoton’s stadium is being re-built at the moment, so they play their home games in their current opponent’s stadium most of the time…

Will you bet on football in Hungary? Check out the best offers at the above mentioned online sportsbook sites and place your bets now! In addition, you can find many other great offers to bet on football in Hungary. Don’t miss out on such a chance to explore the Hungarian football betting market, especially on the week of Ferencvaros v Ujpest derby!

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