Bet on CS:GO in Germany: ESL Cologne is Coming!

ESL CS GO Cologne

Quit hesitating and start placing a bet on CS:GO in Germany! One of the most prestigious Counter Strike tournaments is about to start, learn more about the chances now.

E-sports as a whole, and most importantly Counter Strike: Global Offensive is definitely growing bigger and bigger. That is proven by the constantly growing popularity of such events and also by the fact that more and more people bet on CS:GO in Germany as well as all around the world.

The existence of ESL Counter Strike 2017 is just another proof for this, and the fact that online betting news in Germany also keep on reporting of such events doesn’t weaken our beliefs about where the future of eSports is heading towards. The next important events will be ESL Counter Strike in Cologne, Germany. Stay informed about the chances of the next major competition!

The Participating Teams: Create Your ESL Counter Strike Bracket Now!

Many of the best CS:GO teams will participate in ESL Counter Strike 2017. 11 Counter Strike:Global Offensive teams in Germany have already qualified for a place at ESL CS GO 2017. One of the most famous CS:GO teams in Germany, mousesports, is one of them as well:

The other teams are the following: SK Gaming,, G2 Esports, FaZe Clan, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Natus Vincere, North, Fnatic, Cloud9 and Immortals. Many of them would be favourites at online sportsbooks in a regular case so it will be interesting to see them face each other this July.

Bet on CS:GO in Germany!

The best sites to bet on CS:GO in Germany will definitely offer odds for ESL Counter Strike 2017 as well. It will be worth it wagering at these sites. For example, you can take it for granted that you will be able to place a bet on CS:GO in Germany if you decide to join either Betway or Betfair, depending on your preferences.

Right now, you can already bet on two ESL CSGO Qualification matches: you can bet on Bpro v Invictus as well as Granted v Nexus Esports, which will decide whether or not these teams will be able to participate in ESL CS:GO Cologne. Nexus and Bpro are clear favourites, but we will see which teams will be more worthy to put your money on!

See you at LANXESS Arena at ESL Counter Strike 2017!

The event will be held in LANXESS Arena in Cologne. The best CS:GO teams in Germany will be viewed by 14,000 people live from the arena, and even more thanks to online CS GO stream! You’ll be left disappointed if you think it’s just a ‘funny sports event’ for kids: people under the age of 16 won’t be allowed to enter the arena. Not even with parental companionship.

Entering the modern LANXESS Arena will be a fantastic experience for all those who decide to watch the tournament live. If you will prefer to stay at home and bet on CS:GO in Germany, check out the best online sportsbooks in Germany and bet on ESL CS GO 2017 as soon as possible!

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