Here are 2 Great Andy Murray Betting Options Available at BetVictor!

Andy Murray betting

UK tennis fans can now access a wide range of different Andy Murray betting options through one of the best internet sports betting sites in the world, BetVictor.

Andy Murray is considered by most to be one of the best tennis players in the world right now. The 30 year old Scotsman has won a number of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world, including Wimbledon in 2016.

A number of major tournaments will soon be taking place this year, and BetVictor is offering some great Andy Murray betting specials. Let’s take a look at a few that are available for those that like to bet on sports in the UK.

Bet on if Andy Murray can win a grand slam title in 2017

Andy Murray has won numerous grand slam titles in his career, but will he manage to win one in 2017? That’s exactly what BetVictor is allowing their members to bet on right now. Some great odds are available to make money.

The odds are actually higher that Murray does win a grand slam title this year at 1/2. That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as he’s currently ranked #1 in the rankings. It’s certainly possible he ends 2017 without a grand slam win this year though, and the odds are set at 6/4.

Bet on how many titles Murray wins this year

If you want to take the Andy Murray betting specials one step further, consider placing a bet on exactly how many grand slam titles he manages to win in 2017. If you don’t think he wins any, bet on it! The odds that he ends the year without a trophy is set at 6/4.

Andy Murray’s odds to win one grand slam are set at 6/5. The odds for him to win two are set at 7/2. It’s certainly unlikely, but the odds that Andy Murray makes UK gambling news with 4 grand slam titles in 2017 are set at 18/1.

Both of the Andy Murray betting specials here offer some great odds to cash out. Make sure to head to BetVictor today for a full list of 2017 tennis betting odds, and tell us how you think Murray will do this year in the comment section below.

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