Bet on Derbi Madrileno – Best Picks for Atletico v Real

Atletico Real La Liga Betting

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It’s always good news for online bettors when there are prestigious football games in each league because it means only one thing for them: they are given awesome chances to gain some money while enjoying an exciting battle between great teams. That is what is waiting for those who decide to bet on Derbi Madrileno this weekend! Great betting markets and even better odds. Check out our best picks on Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid!

What are the odds for Atletico to beat Real Madrid?

The odds for Atletico Madrid are pretty good actually. Despi expect Real Madrid to be favourites against developed so much in the past few years that it wouldn’t be such a surprise if the Rojiblancos won on Saturday night. The best odds for Atletico to win can be found at Marathonbet, they rates Atletico’s chances at 2.56 (14/9).

The odds for Real Madrid to beat Atletico are a little bit worse. Not significantly, because it’s obvious to all online sportsbooks as well as to anybody else that it is one of a kind footbal lderby which is really hard to predict. The Galacticos rarely count as underdogs but this Saturday is surely one of those rare occasions: Real Madrid odds to beat Atletico Madrid are 3.10 (21/10) according to calculations by Bet365.

Derbi Madrileno predictions expect Atletico success…

Without forgetting to mention that is clearly will be an encounter where anything – and I mean that, literally, anything – can happen, we must state the facts: Atletico has far better chances. Despite the fact that Real Madrid are 6 points ahead of their city rivals, now might be the time to bet on Derbi Madrileno and bet on the smaller team because of many reasons.

Zidane’s men have not lost one single game so far this season. They lost a few points on embarrassing draws, but they are still unbeaten. However, as we know, all good things come to an end eventually. Especially that the Derbi Madrileno is coming right after an international FIFA break. Real Madrid players have a tendency to perform much worse after these breaks.

In addition, Real Madrid fans can be worried for other reasons as well. Not only Atletico Madrid have been performing better and better as the season goes forward, but the Royal Club looks like they have been in search of their own style since forever. In addition, Luka Modric is about to return, but anothe rimportant key player is out due to injury: Toni Kroos is sure to miss out on the Atletico v Real derbi.

In addition, Real Madrid haven’t defeated Atletico in the league since 2013. They met in the Copa del Rey once and in the Champions League 3 times before. The Blancos were happier in the end on all occasions, but LA Liga somehow became Atletico’s safe place against Real Madrid. However, that hsouldn’t scare you away from placing a bet on Derbi Madrileno. Check out our other online betting news in Spain and let us know your opinion by leaving a comment below!

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