Bet On Dr Oz Giving The Republicans Hope In Pennsylvania

  • No Frontrunner Race Gets Shaken Up By TV Star
  • You Can Bet On Dr Oz Winning Over At Bovada
  • Pennsylvania Republican Primary Push Panicked
Bet On Dr Oz
Dr. Oz in 2008 – Image source: Flickr

Apparently, you can bet on politics in the US to reward a little name recognition, media savvy and political bombast. Thus other celebrities are trying to emulate Donald Trump. So whilst you may think it strange, you can now bet on Dr Oz, of all people, in the race for the Pennsylvania Senate seat. Yes, that’s right, television’s quack is back on the attack and pushing for election. He’s improving the Republican odds at online betting sites in the US like Bovada. Well. So far.    

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As Matthew McConaughey pulls out of a political race in Texas he never really entered, another celeb enters the fray. The voters of Pennsylvania will now get the chance to elect a doctor. Dr Oz. Well known for his day-time television show, the sixty one year old has parachuted himself into the state to run. He joins a packed field of potential Republican candidates, but you can bet on Dr Oz to get most of the attention. Which might not do him as much good as he would hope it might.

For a start, whilst he is well-known, he doesn’t actually live in Pennsylvania. He lives in New Jersey and merely voted in Pennsylvania by absentee ballot in the last election via his in-law’s address. This paints him as somewhat of a carpet bagger, something his opponents are bound to mention. However just turning up, he has improved the odds on the Republicans in Pennsylvania. Online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada now give them slightly better odds to retain the seat.

Republicans Gain Famous Face In Primary Race

Unfortunately, you shouldn’t bet on Dr Oz to get an easy ride. As part of the Trumpian wing of the party many Republicans distrust him. The previous Trump-endorsed candidate had to drop out after accusations of domestic abuse, so Dr Oz may find scrutiny damaging his chances. He was, let us remember, involved in a scheme to make money from what amounted to phony medicines. Something else you can expect to hear quite a lot about if he really wins the Primary.

Pennsylvania Senate Election Odds 

  • Democrats – Evens
  • Republicans – 5/6

He may not. He hosted Donald Trump on his TV show once and that sort of thing sticks. So if Donald Trump is still popular come next November maybe Dr Oz has a shot. If not, however, you shouldn’t bet on Dr Oz to get even close to winning. Sure, the odds on the Democrats haven’t shifted and the Republican odds have shortened. But not by so much that online betting sites in the US like Bovada are being inundated by people trying to bet on Republicans winning.

Bet On Dr Oz
Dr. Oz at the ’08 ServiceNation – Image source: Flickr

Bovada Has All You Need To Bet On Dr Oz

Donald Trump may have opened the floodgates for celebrity candidates, and could well run himself again in 2024. He does, after all, get the best odds on the next US president right now. However, that doesn’t mean the public are ready to accept another amateur at the big boy’s table. You can almost bet on Donald Trump being the exception and not the rule. He might bet on the next US election falling his way, but Pennsylvania may still elude him. As it did in the last election.

Next US President Odds 

  • Anyone Else – 20/1+
  • Ron DeSantis – 8/1
  • Kamala Harris – 7/1
  • Joe Biden – 9/2
  • Donald Trump – 3/1

Trump’s support is now all-important in the Republican Party. You can bet on Democrats to keep underlining that. The old Republican party has gone, they’ll say, replaced with a grifter’s gang. They could be right. That doesn’t mean voters won’t elect one of them. That’s why if you’re going to take advantage of US gambling laws to bet on the Pennsylvania election, you could do far worse than to put a bet on Dr Oz and the Republicans. They now look to have the edge there.

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We take a look at the latest celebrity to throw their hat into the political ring but wonder just how many in Pennsylvania will bet on Dr Oz.

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