Time To Bet On Goya Awards 2021

  • Goya Awards is annually awarded in Spain
  • Who has the best winning chances in 2021?
bet on Goya Awards

It’s time to bet on Goya Awards 2021! This is the major film award in Spain that honors the best movies and moviemakers of the country. The first predictions about the winner are out, so let’s check them right away.

The 2020/21 film award season is in its full flow. One of the most prestigious European awards that will take place in the nearest time is Goya. Goya Awards is the main Spanish film award established in 1987. The award aims to praise the best pictures of Spanish filmmakers with its ceremony taking place every March. This year’s show is coming on March 6, so let’s see the most possible winners!

You can also bet on Golden Globes, Oscars and Razzies, BAFTA, and other film awards at online gambling sites in Spain.

Bet on Goya Awards 2021: best film

The 35th Goya Awards announced its nominees last January. Adú received the most nominations in 2021 – the Spanish drama film aims for 13 awards. No wonder that the movie also has one of the best odds to win in the Best Film category.

Adú was directed by Salvador Calvo, a beginner Spanish filmmaker who directed mostly short films and TV series before. Adú tells several stories connected with the African immigration to Europe. It also raises problems of racism, refugees, illegal hunting, poaching, and others. The film has 2.25 odds to win at Goya Awards.

bet on Goya Awards
Let’s watch!

However, the best odds of winning Best Film belong to Las ninas (Schoolgirls). The drama movie about girls studying at nuns’ school in Spain in 1992. At one point, good girls discover a world full of new forbidden things. As a result, they have to confront their teachers, parents as well as their own comfort. According to 22Bet Sportsbook, Las ninas has 2.10 odds to win.

Goya predictions: best actor and actress

Apart from Best Film, you can bet on Goya Awards in acting categories. Here are the nominees for Best Actor:

  • Mario Casas – Cross The Line
  • Javier Camana – The People Upstairs 
  • Ernesto Alterio – A Normal World
  • David Verdauger – One for All

By online sportsbooks in Spain, Javier Camana leads the best odds to win the prize in March 2021.

Regarding the best actress in Spain, four ladies are nominated for Goya Awards this year.

  • Amaia Aberasturi – Coven
  • Patricia Lopez Arnaiz – Ane Is Missing
  • Candela Pena – Rosa’s Wedding
  • Kiti Manver – One Careful Owner

Apparently, the best betting odds on Goya’s Best Actress belong to Candela Pena. Follow more film awards betting predictions at 22Bet Sportsbook.

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