Bet on Ice Hockey in Finland 2020/2021 Mestis Season

  • Recent champions Ketterä lead the 2021 Mestis title race
  • IPK find themselves in a favourable position to claim first Mestis victory
  • Mestis welcomes newly promoted Kiekko-Espoo
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Mestis is back giving fans and bettors alike the opportunity to bet on ice hockey in Finland. This time, all eyes will be on recent champions Ketterä as they look to complete a successful title defense campaign. However, they’ll need to mindful of IPK who have the potential to end their title defending hopes. 

The 2020/2021 Mestis regular season will run from 24 September 2020 to 28 March 2021. At this time, Ketterä are currently the frontrunners to bet on ice hockey in Finland for the 2021 Mestis win. According to 888sport, these are how their winning chances stand against the other promising title hopefuls this season: 

Club Odd
Ketterä 3.50
IPK 4.25
Kiekko-Espoo 4.25
Kiekko-Pojat 7.00

Bet on ice hockey in Finland 2021 Mestis frontrunners Ketterä 

Presently, recent champions Ketterä have the highest odds of claiming the 2021 Mestits title. They claimed their first-ever Mestis title in 2019, and now they’re hungry for more league victories. Last season, Ketterä recorded an impressive performance by topping the regular-season table. 

Now, the title frontrunners will be aiming to go one up which this season’s title and their second Mestis victory. Fortunately, Ketterä stands a good chance to accomplish this according to 888sport

Consequently, Ketterä poses as a safe bet on ice hockey in Finland 2021 Mestis with odds at 3.50. Furthermore, be sure to keep an eye on Jere-Matias Alanen who’s currently among the league’s top goal scorers this season. 

IPK look to stand in the way of Ketterä’s title hopes 

This time, IPK are also among the promising contenders to bet on ice hockey in Finland for the 2021 Mestis title. Furthermore, they currently pose the strongest threat to Ketterä’s title-winning hopes this season. However, IPK will once again be under pressure to claim what will be their first Mestis league victory. At this time, they find themselves in a promising position on 888sport to achieve this. Consequently, IPK could walk away with Mestis bragging rights with odds at 4.25.

Bet on Kettera, Kettera Finnish hockey team, ice hockey odds
Bet on Kettera to win the league! Source: Instagram

Their players to watch this season are Bastien Maïa and Mikko Juusola who are among the league’s top goal leaders. Furthermore, Kiekko-Espoo also find themselves in a favourable position on the online sportsbooks in Finland of winning the 2021 title. This season, Kiekko-Espoo (4.25) will also be under scrutiny after gaining promotion to Mestis from the third-tier league, Suomi-sarja. Fortunately, the newcomers stand a chance to announce their arrival to Mestis with a bang by claiming this season’s victory.

Kiekko-Pojat eye second Mestis victory 

Lastly, Kiekko-Pojat are among the top hopefuls itching to get their hands on this season’s Mestis victory. However, according to the online sportsbook news in Finland, Kiekko-Pojat are no strangers to Mestis victory. Previously, the club claimed their first Mestis victory in the 2009/2010 season, and now look to return to winning ways. At this time, they currently have the fourth-highest odds on 888sport to challenge title frontrunners Ketterä for the 2021 title.

Consequently, you can bet on ice hockey in Finland 2021 Mestis hopefuls Kiekko-Pojat with odds at 7.00Be sure to check out our review about 888sport, the bookmaker to bet on ice hockey in Finland 2021 Mestis.

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