Bet on Lindores Abbey Challenge Winner

  • Magnus Carlsen is in a league of his own
  • Will Hikaru Nakamura redeem his loss?
  • Let us not forget about the other world-class players
Bet on Lindores Abbey Challenge

Online chess is getting more popular by the day. Even professional players and grandmasters now stream while playing in online tournaments. The latest online tournament that includes some of the strongest chess players is the Lindores Rapid Abbey Challenge. Participants include world chess champion Magnus Carlsen, and five-time United States champion Hikaru Nakamura. The tournament is currently taking place on the chess24 website and has a prize fund equal to 150,000 dollars. Since the time format of the tournament is rapid, we will certainly see a lot of interesting sharp games, and some surprising results. Check out the odds of the top contenders before you bet on Lindores Abbey Challenge winner.

Bet on Lindores Abbey Challenge Winner: Magnus Carlsen is Always the Favorite

The current world chess champion is Norwegian Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen. Carlsen is not only the world champion in the classical format. He is also the world champion for the rapid and blitz time formats. The Norwegian grandmaster is always the favorite for first place in any tournament he participates in. This is the result of the chain of tournament wins and titles he has achieved over his career. For instance, He achieved the prestigious Grandmaster (GM) title when he was just 13 years old. Considered a chess prodigy at the time, Carlsen was destined for greatness and he became the second-youngest champion in history at 22 years.

Currently, Magnus is taking part in the Lindores Abbey rapid challenge. Lindores Abbey rapid challenge is a 12-player online tournament that is played on the chess24 website. Although the world champion had a wobbly performance in the early rounds, he managed to qualify for the quarter-finals. Magnus is known for winning in “must-win” situations. Therefore, expect him to come out blazing in the knockout stages. Online sportsbook sites in the US heavily favor the champion. Betting odds on 22Bet for Magnus to win the Lindores Abbey Challenge are 1.65. Betting on the world champion would be your safest option as he is on a different level from everyone else.

Bet on Lindores Abbey Challenge
Magnus Carlsen is the best living chess player of the world – Image source: Lennart Ootes / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

Bet on Lindores Abbey Challenge Winner: Hikaru Nakamura

Since the tournament is played in the rapid format, Carlsen’s biggest threat is Hikaru Nakamura. In addition to becoming a five-time United States champion, he has won many other big tournaments as well. Hikaru is notorious for his extraordinary ability to play speed chess. For instance, he is currently the highest-rated blitz player even though Magnus is the champion in this format. Therefore, he is one of the top contenders for the title as the tournament is played in the rapid format. In the finals of the 2019 World Blitz Championship, Hikaru lost in the playoff title against Carlsen. So, this will be his chance to redeem his loss against the Norwegian champion. Picking Hikaru Nakamura when you bet on Lindores Abbey’s challenge winner would be a logical decision with the circumstances presented. Odds of him winning the tournament on 22Bet are 3.50.

Other Underdog World Class Grandmasters 

Although Carlsen and Nakamura are favorites to win the tournament, we should not forget about the other competition. The tournament features some of the strongest super grandmasters around the world. For instance, 24-year old Russian Grandmaster Daniil Dubov is one of the top rapid chess players in the world. He has won the 2018 World Rapid Chess Championship which took place in Saint Petersburg. Therefore, any rapid tournament, such as this one, will be right up his ally. Betting odds for Dubov to win the Lindores Abbey Challenge are 11. Although there is a big gap between the odds of Dubov and the top two contenders, realistically, the Russian has a very good chance of winning.

Another top contender in the rapid chess format is Yu Yangyi. The Chinese grandmaster has been in top form last year in the rapid time format. For instance, he finished in second place in the 2019 Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz. Betting odds for him to win the tournament are 21. If Yu Yangyi comes in prepared and in form, he certainly has a decent chance of winning. If you believe that the chinse grandmaster will win the tournament, go to 22Bet and place your bet on him.

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