Magnus Carlsen

Undoubtedly, the Champions Chess Tour is a must-see series this year featuring the biggest players in the game of chess. Fortunately, players can get in on Tour’s action with the latest Opera Euro Rapid 2021 betting odds and predictions.  ... read more

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The world’s most prestigious online chess tournament is underway with the quarterfinals just around the corner. The top grandmasters keeping an eye on the prize are Hikaru Nakamura and Magnus Carlsen. According to Speed Chess Championship betting odds, both Nakamura and Carlsen are massive favorites to win their next fixtures. ... read more

The 2020 Norway Chess tournament will soon take place with many familiar faces returning to the competition. Currently, defending champion Magnus Carlsen is the top hopeful to bet on Norway Chess 2020. However, Carlsen will need to be mindful of Fabiano Caruana who has the second-best odds of winning the competition.  ... read more

Online chess is getting more popular by the day. Even professional players and grandmasters now stream while playing in online tournaments. The latest online tournament that includes some of the strongest chess players is the Lindores Rapid Abbey Challenge. Participants include world chess champion Magnus Carlsen, and five-time United States champion Hikaru Nakamura. The tournament is currently taking place on the chess24 website and has a prize fund equal to 150,000 dollars. Since the time format of the tournament is rapid, we will certainly see a lot of interesting sharp games, and some surprising results. Check out the odds of the top contenders before you bet on Lindores Abbey Challenge winner. ... read more

Thanks to Internet chess server chess24, the world’s best chess players can also take part in online chess tournaments now. One of them is the Banter Blitz Cup, where 132 players fight for the victory and the $14, 000 prize money. Bet on the Banter Blitz Cup now, where current world champion Magnus Carlsen is the favorite. ... read more

Anyone who is into the critical mind game of Kings, Queens and Knights would most certainly be aware of the name Magnus Carlsen. The 29-year-old is at the top of the Chess Universe and certainly hopes to stay there. Carlsen currently holds the highest chess title of Grandmaster which he earned at the age of 13. Therefore, Magnus Carlsens special odds certainly rely on his future in the game which seemingly is on a steep upward graph. ... read more

The qualifying games just started but you can wager on the event already. In the world of mental games, this is the most prestigious happening. Take a glimpse at our 2020 Chess World Championship betting predictions to forecast will the Norwegian champion defends his title. Magnus Carlsen is a young talent with breathtaking chess achievements. ... read more