A Bet on Ian Nepomniachtchi to Win the 1st Game of the World Chess Championship Isn’t a Bad Idea at All

  • The Postponed 2020 World Chess Championship Is Coming
  • The Statistics and Odds Favor Magnus Carlsen
  • However, Ian Also Has a Slight Chance to Achieve Victory
Bet on Ian Nepomniachtchi
The young Ian – Image source: Flickr

Based on the betting odds and the current power relations Magnus Carlsen is going to win the World Chess Championship. However, a bet on Ian Nepomniachtchi is also a sensible decision since the Russian chess grandmaster is probably holding a lot of surprises.

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Chess is probably the most serious sport that is played sitting down. Of course, there are expectations but one way or another, chess is the most prestigious platform for the most brilliant minds. So, we don’t have to explain why the World Chess Championship is so important for the online sportsbooks in Russia. In 2021 the postponed final match of the 2020 World Chess Championship will take place in late November. And, it’s not a surprise that you can only bet on Ian Nepomniachtchi, or the well-known Magnus Carlsen to achieve the so-wanted victory. The odds are high for both participants, while 22BET’s Special betting options picture that no one really knows how the world’s most important chess battle will shake out. Let’s take a closer look together to make our predictions.

The World Chess Championship Power Relations Hadn’t Change in the Past Years

To be true, at this moment there are only a few living chess grandmasters who have any chance to become a world champion. So, until the next chess generation appears we will watch the same faces over and over again. What makes the world of chess even more boring (excluded that we are talking about chess) is that the Norwegian grandmaster rules all the championships. Even more, he became one of the best chess players who ever lived. Thus, the online gambling sites in Russia or anywhere around the world are quite sure that his winning streak continues. Yeah, we are talking about Magnus Carlsen.

Based on the Betting Odds Carlson Will Be The Champion This Year as Well

The 30-year-old Magnus Carlsen is more potential according to 22BET’s odds than the also 30-year-old Ian. As we described before, in the current chess scene Magnus leads all the statistics. He is unbeaten at this moment. His odds to win the World Chess Championships is 1.885 at this moment at the 22BET Sportsbook.

Bet on Ian Nepomniachtchi
Magnus in 2019 – Image source: Lennart Ootes, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you Bet on Ian Nepomniachtchi, you also bet on the end of Carlson’s Heyday

On the other hand, a bet on Ian Nepomniachtchi also a sensible decision as this is his last chance to become a champion. He is the best chess player in Russia, and if he defeats Carlsen at the end of this November he can become the best chess player on the globe. For this occasion, 22BET offers 2.965 at the moment.

We must also highlight that Ian’s odds are way shorter than Magnus Carlsen’s any other challengers. Even more, as the 2020 World Chess Championship has been postponed, he had plenty of time to find out a tactic that can surmount the actual World Champion’s toolkit.

Bet on the 1st Game of the World Chess Championship to Be Won by Ian

To be true, it’s not too likely that the Russian participant is going to win the whole World Chess Championship. By the way, he will probably win in the first game. If you bet on Ian Nepomniachtchi to win the first game at the chess table you can count on 5.15. Even if Magnus’s odds are shorter for the 1st match (3.76) the well-prepared Ian is very likely to join the mind-games with a head start. Still, the shortest odds for the first match belong to a Draw with 1.56. This and 22BET’s other special bets also indicate a slight advantage for Nepomniachtchi in the beginning.

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