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Time is money, or so they constantly tell us. Many of us would object to this crass over simplification. However, Elizabeth Johnson of North Carolina will probably only agree after leaving it too late actually let her win the lottery. Her somewhat sloppy time keeping was instrumental in her winning $2m. Apparently, you can pour over the very best lotto jackpot reviews and scan all the sites like Lotto Agent all you like. In the end, however, the fates decide. 

We have all, from time to time, left things a little late. There’s the forgotten gift purchased hurriedly at a gas station, the tardy arrival at an important function, the missed opportunity for love. We all learn from a very early age that when just as important as what. Indeed that’s why comedians focus so much on timing, it’s the magic ingredient. However, when it comes to a lottery win, there isn’t a massive time facet. You buy the ticket and watch the draw. Simple. 

We almost dismiss the time component from efforts to win the lottery because it’s so small and seemingly insignificant. However as Elizabeth discovered, it still exists and it’s important. No one can win a lottery buy purchasing a ticket after ticket sales for the draw have finished. You’ll find not even the most progressive lottery jackpots allow you to buy tickets retrospectively. Not that this mattered in Mz Johnson’s case. Quite unusually, she was late but that was more lucky.    

Late But Still Lucky Isn’t A Conceptual Norm

Typically, we attach luck to time in terms of early not late. We want the cavalry to arrive in the nick of time not ten minutes after we’ve all been slaughtered. People talk of rescues at the last minute, not the one or two moments after the fact. Sure, there are occasions when late is lucky. Missing that plane that crashes, the ship which sinks, the train that gets blown up by terrorists. You can easily win the lottery of good timing, either way, we just tend not to think of it like that.

“It was definitely a shock.” 

  • Elizabeth Johnson – Lottery Winner

We often dismiss coincidence as just that, conjunction of circumstance, nothing more. But when it involves a situation where you win the lottery, it’s harder to brush aside. You will find it very hard to overlook the good fortune in face of a situation that should have left you bereft. Elizabeth Johnson, for instance, knows when the best lottery to play is held in North Carolina. She just left it a bit too late to enter and ended up with a ticket valid for draw a few days later. 

Win The Lottery
What a lucky bastard…

Lotto Agent Can Help You Win The Lottery

Of course, when Mz Johnson won, she was just a little surprised. In her mind, she had entered and lost some days previously. However, she had bought the ticket just a few minutes after the deadline and was ineligible. At least for that draw. The ticket, of course, was now valid for the next draw. A draw that saw her win the lottery and take home some $1.5m after taxes. Not bad. But does this mean if we hit up Lotto Agent and the like we ought to enter lotteries already over?

“When I got the message saying that I had won I thought; ‘I didn’t even play tonight!’”

  • Elizabeth Johnson – Lottery Winner 

No. Definitely not. However, it does demonstrate that you can never tell just when you might beat 11,000,000 to 1 odds. Elizabeth Johnson did and wasn’t even aware she was doing so. Indeed perhaps the best takeaway lesson from this is that the best lottery jackpots are those not yet won. That given just how much luck plays a part you can waltz over to Lotto Agent and pick and choose almost at random. Because it’s the numbers, not the game that really counts, right?

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We take a look at how you can still win the lottery even if you buy a ticket for a draw you’re already too late to enter.

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