Speed Chess Championship Betting Odds on Nakamura, Carlsen’s Fixtures

  • Speed Chess Championship is heading to the quarterfinals
  • Nakamura to face the bright Fedoseev
  • Carlsen will be challenged by the top 10 Artemiev
Speed Chess Championship betting odds

The world’s most prestigious online chess tournament is underway with the quarterfinals just around the corner. The top grandmasters keeping an eye on the prize are Hikaru Nakamura and Magnus Carlsen. According to Speed Chess Championship betting odds, both Nakamura and Carlsen are massive favorites to win their next fixtures.

Round eight of the 2020 Speed Chess Championship on is about to take place on 02 December. $100,000 has been on the line, with winners of every match receiving their share. Only a handful of players have managed to win, with the two top names online and over-the-board heading to the quarterfinals.

Hikaru Nakamura and Magnus Carlsen are currently the best blitz players in the world. It is hard to see anyone capable of dethroning them in the near future. However, their next fixtures against Vladimir Fedoseev and Vladislav Artemiev respectively will likely be tough. Yet still, the online gambling sites in Norway massively favor Nakamura and Carlsen to win. Here is the Speed Chess Championship betting odds on the two fixtures and our predictions.

Nakamura to face the tough and bright Fedoseev

The defending champion Hikaru Nakamura who won the competition in both 2018 and 2019 is facing the Russian youngster who already impressed the world. Nakamura the number one seed has a value of 1.125 to win at Speed Chess Championship betting odds, as per 22BET Sportsbook. Whereas his opponent Fedosee one of the world’s top-100 players has a value of 5.15.

Speed Chess Championship betting odds
Let’s play!

Nakamura the 32-year-old with a 2900 FIDE blitz rating the highest in the world needs to come over Fedoseev if he is to meet with Carlsen in the finals. His talent in rapid and blitz competitions gives him an edge. However, the Russian grandmaster in his mid-20s has enough talent to win this one. He is young enough to make a deeper mark on chess. A win over Nakamura will likely boost his reputation. So, if you wish to make a wager on an upset, it might pay off very well.

Carlsen a massive favorite against Artemiev

The Norwegian grandmaster Magnus Carlsen is the number two seed. He has many world titles on his name. Above all are the World Chess Championship, World Rapid Chess Championship, and World Blitz Chess Championship titles. Carlsen remains ranked as number one since 2011. He rightfully deserves to be the A-side in any game. Thus, the 1.025 odds for Carlsen to win can be against any challenger.

Carlsen will meet against the 22-year-old Vladislav Artemiev ranked among the top 10 in the world. Artemiev’s recent achievements are the Gibraltar Chess Festival and a gold medal at the 2019 World Team Chess Championship. Besides, he won the Abu Dhabi Super Blitz Challenge this year. A win against Carlsen with 9.5 odds will put Artemiev in history books. It is hard to bet against Carlsen, but every chess game can go either way.

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