Top Picks for Cheap UCL Fantasy Midfielders 2020/2021


Posted: November 24, 2020

Updated: November 24, 2020

  • Wílmar Barrios leads the pack of top budget-friendly UCL Fantasy midfielders
  • PSG player Danilo among top points scorers in balls recovered

Without a doubt, picking the best midfielders for any UCL Fantasy team is not cheap by any means. However, as we’ve learned in the past, having a hefty price tag doesn’t always guarantee fantasy managers the most points. As a result, we’ve picked out best value cheap UCL Fantasy midfielders likely to turn fantasy managers’ heads this season. 

2020/2021 Champions League is underway and the 2021 UCL Fantasy craze has also just kicked off. Fortunately, we’ve picked the best value cheap UCL Fantasy midfielders likely to accumulate essential points for this season’s fantasy managers.

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Wílmar Barrios leads the way for best value cheap UCL Fantasy midfielders

It’s a well-known fact that selecting midfielders on a tight budget is no easy task. However, when you have midfielders like Wílmar Barrios at your disposal, your role as a fantasy manager becomes less stressful.

So far, the Zenit player has proven to be a reliable midfielder accumulating major fantasy points in ball recovery. As a result, Wílmar Barrios has racked up an impressive nine points from 30 balls recovered.

Not bad considering fantasy managers playing on FanTeam only need to spend €4.5m for the defensive midfielder.

cheap ucl fantasy midfielders
Who will you pick?

Manchester United’s Fred also among top budget-friendly midfielders

This season, Fred is also among the top best value cheap UCL Fantasy midfielders for fantasy managers on FanTeam to consider. So far, when it comes to ball recoveries Fred has proven to be a key asset in Manchester United’s midfield.

Consequently, with 24 balls recovered from two games, Fred poses a good midfield option for fantasy managers. All in all, Fred can provide vital fantasy points, as well as value in the midfield at an affordable price.

Consequently, fantasy managers on the online daily fantasy sports in the UK can secure a bargain with Fred at €5.6m.

More bargain picks for this season’s UCL Fantasy

Furthermore, Paris Saint-Germain player Danilo is also among this season’s cheap fantasy picks for UCL Fantasy managers on FanTeam. Presently, the PSG midfield’s strongest point is in ball recovery. So far, Danilo has recorded an impressive 29 recovered balls according to the online daily fantasy sports news in the UK.

Consequently, he stands a much cheaper alternative to the likes of Real Madrid’s Casemiro at only €5.5m. Lastly, Manor Solomon completes our list top picks for best value cheap UCL Fantasy midfielders this season.

Undoudabtly, the Shakhtar Donetsk player’s thrilling display in the club’s victory against Real Madrid definitely turned some fantasy managers heads. Consequently, Solomon poses as a cheap and valuable alternative to the likes of Tetê at the price of €12m.

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