Bahrain Grand Prix Special Bets

  • Next Formula 1 race is the Bahrain Grand Prix this weekend
  • Lewis Hamilton has already won the championship
  • Beside the winner you can also bet on other details of the race
Bahrain Grand Prix special bets

Formula 1 will continue this weekend with the Bahrain GP where Lewis Hamilton is the top favorite again. The British driver has already won the championship which is his 7th title, but surely will go for another victory. But if you’re looking for something with bigger odds the Bahrain Grand Prix special bets offer the option to bet on other details about the race where things are not so obvious.

This will be the 16th F1 race held in the Bahrain International Circuit which will be followed by another one next weekend. Lewis Hamilton arrives at the race as a 7-time world champion after his latest victory in the Turkish Grand Prix. He equaled Michael Schumacher’s record of seven world titles and has become the sport’s most successful driver. But Hamilton loves winning and has another opportunity to finish on top in Bahrain. The Brit won the race here last season too and there is a little chance that anyone can defeat him this time. But there are other opportunities where he might be beaten, let’s see them now.

Bahrain Grand Prix special bets include winner of qualifying

Hamilton has won 10 races out of 14 so far this season, and one less qualifying. So he has been still dominating on Saturdays but there is a better chance to beat him there. His Mercedes teammate, Valteri Bottas could do it four times this year and he has the biggest chance to do it again. Online sportsbooks in the UK offer the odds of 3.25 for the Finish to be the fastest qualifier.

Bahrain Grand Prix special bets
Let’s race!

Max Verstappen was close to winning the qualifying in Turkey, but Lance Stroll could surprise everyone. Well, rain is not expected this time, but Verstappen might have another chance to start from pole position. Just like finishing on the podium, which has the odds of 1.25 in the Bahrain Grand Prix special bets. While 4-time world champion Sebastian Vettel’s odds are much higher, 26.00 to do the same. Even though Vettel produced his best race in Istanbul and finished in 3rd place.

Bet on the first driver to retire or make a pit stop

In the Bahrain Grand Prix special bets we can find other options with higher odds, like predicting which driver will make the first pit stop. Red Bull driver Alexander Albon has the smallest odds, 9.00 to come first as he might be on a different tactic than his teammate. Ferrari drivers can follow him to change tires first in order to get a better result. While Mercedes are usually last to come for a pit stop thanks to their superb tire handling.

The Haas team is not doing too strong this season. They are only in 9th place in the constructors’ championship with 3 points. One of their drivers, Romain Grosjean could finish most of the races so far but only at the back of the field. While his teammate, Kevin Magnussen had to retire 6 times already. Online gambling sites in the UK offer the smallest odds, 10.00 for them to be the first retiring drivers. But interestingly almost the same odds, 13.00 are offered for no driver to retire during the race. Well, last season in Bahrain all drivers were classified except Grosjean. Though four additional drivers couldn’t run all 56 laps either but they completed more than 90% of the race.

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