Bet on Messiah’s second season and win if World War III begins

  • Messiah is on Netflix, one of its latest thriller series
  • It’s about the appearance of a new Messiah or just a cheat
  • You can bet on possible plot lines in second season
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Netflix has been producing a new series without a stop, it is difficult to follow them all. But some of them, like Messiah, have a title or storyline which can attract more attention.  As you can guess this series is about a new Messiah and the consequences that can happen after his appearance. It is one of the most exciting new series at the moment, so bet on Messiah’s second season now before it arrives. 

Even though the first season of the Messiah has just been released on Netflix, online sportsbooks in Russia are already offering odds for next season’s plot. As the story itself is very interesting, all the options you can bet on are also unusual presumptions. But they all can happen easily in a film, where al-Masih, which means Messiah in Arabic, has already walked on the water and resurrected men after a plane crash. 

You can bet on Messiah’s second season in connection with the new season’s plot

If you watched season one, you are aware that the main character, Al-Masih has met even the president of the United States. They had an interesting conversation where he asked the president to withdraw all American troops from abroad to achieve world peace. Well, bookmakers are offering the smallest odds for this actually happening in season two with the odds of 2.0. 

The other bets are related to the act of Jesus like turning water into wine, or even Al-Masih to be crucified on a cross. Though the odds of these are not that high, 5.00, they sound too impossible.  Even though the story is based on the emergence of this new Messiah, who has already done some familiar things from the Bible, we tend to believe that he is just a cheat. But in case he’s been sent by God or from any other higher power, his same death as Jesus still not very likely to happen in modern times. 

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And the most extreme options you can bet on 

Online gambling sites in Russia are not joking, they think the beginning of World War III is possible in season two. Well, the series has some kind of apocalyptic feeling about it, with fights in the Middle-East, fish washing up on shore, and huge storms and twisters leaving only the building of the church untouched. And Al-Masih’s suggestions to the President to make everything he can to have peace, unless anything can happen, also include the beginning of World War III. If you think it will happen, it has the odds of 10.00 at 1xBet. 

The other presumption you can bet on Messiah’s second season is Al-Masih to establish his religious State. Again, it can have some kind of basis, as anywhere he goes, people are following him just as in the Middle East as in the US. And as we don’t really know his real purposes, to make his own country with his followers can be one. There are a lot of questions still around his figure and motivations, hopefully, we’ll get some answers in the next series soon. But until it arrives, you make a bet and win some money with a correct guess. 

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