Bet On ODI Cricket (Or The Weather) In New Zealand

ODI Cricket In New Zealand 2017

For those of you bored of betting on whether Donald Trump will be impeached, jailed or stabbed by Melania, and those that have grown tired of playing Totolotek on line, we take a look at the next match up between the flailing hosts and rather damp tourists as we bet on ODI cricket and the South Africans take on New Zealand in their own back yard, Hamilton, this weekend. But just who should you back at Bet365 and has anyone checked the weather yet?

Bet On ODI Cricket

• NZ vs SA
• Hamilton, NZ
Feb 19th 2017
• Weather: Poor

Once upon a time cricket pretty much scoffed at the weather. Oh sure you might lose the odd couple of days’ play here and there if the British summer was as ghastly as popular culture would have you believe (it usually is) but with a test match going on five days there was often time enough to encompass such delays without too much bother, however in those dim dark days no one bet on ODI cricket existing and now it does, and is hugely popular, there’s a bit of an issue about rain.

ODI Match Odds

• South Africa – 1.67
• New Zealand – 2.22

You can’t play cricket in the rain, apparently. Football and Rugby players manage it, but cricketers can’t (they probably worry it’ll mess up their hair, poor lambs) and with time required post-rainfall to dry the pitch out enough for play to resume, a good storm can wipe out an ODI match completely. This is a problem for the sponsors, the TV people and the audience who paid to see a game, not to mention those that took advantage of New Zealand gambling laws to wager on the outcome who’ve also lost out.

South Africa And The Rain Drown NZ Hopes

The South African tour of New Zealand has already butted up against this problem this year and those visiting Bet365  to bet on ODI cricket this weekend will have to bear in mind that the conditions on the day in Hamilton do not look set to be very conducive to play. There’s a 61% chance of precipitation and given how much luck they’ve had thus far with the weather that’s just a little too likely for my liking, however you may feel differently, especially if you’ve been keeping up with the tour so far.

Friday’s T20 match was a good natured affair with Hashim Amla stamping his authority on a superb innings getting a tasty 62 till a combination of Ben Wheeler bowling and Tom Bruce showing a safe pair of hands saw him off, although for all time balance Quinton de Kock managed a fat zero from his time at the crease but made three useful catches to even it out and those that like to bet on sports in New Zealand may wish to bet on ODI cricket this tour bearing in mind he’s a chap of two halves only one of which is useful.

Bet On ODI Cricket At Bet365

Realistically New Zealand were just no match for the tourists, the bowling of Imran Tahir especially devastating as he got a T20 record five wicket haul, a simply stunning 5/24, leaving the hosts 78 runs short of their target and all out, the home crowd at Eden Park in Auckland leaving with their spirits as damp as the weather has been of late, and is set to be again. You can bet on ODI cricket s schedule to be rain effected and the three Test Matches may likewise see the odd damp patch get in the way of play.

ODI Cricket New Zealand February 19, 2017

How’s it gonna be? (Photo: sports24hour)

However if we cross our fingers there’s just a chance that Sunday will see a match and those that like to bet on ODI cricket will be able to increase their bank roll by backing South Africa who have already made New Zealand gambling news headlines with that bowling record, and could well attempt to get a batting record too this Sunday. The bookies like Bet365  think it’ll be another SA walk over with the visitors getting 1.67 to win against New Zealand’s scant 2.22 (which is generous) and the rain? Well, frankly I think that’s odds-on anyway.

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