Bet On ODI Cricket Safely Thanks To Duckworth, Lewis & Stern

UK vs. Pakistan Cricket

The One Day International Cricket series between England and Pakistan gets underway and is instantly beset by rain, however the statisticians are here to save the day, but does that mean you can bet on ODI cricket and be sure to get a fair market? You just bet you can. DL/S sees to it.

Being English I’m naturally quite fond of Cricket. The incomprehensible rules, the ridiculous jargon, the fact it stops for lunch (and indeed tea) and the deep denial of its own ridiculousness make it the perfect sport, and if the Test Matches drag on too long One Day Internationals are (comparatively) short, sharp, shocks of explosive Cricket where caution is often thrown to the wind, only to be blown back into a team’s face. You can always bet on ODI Cricket to have a high drama factor.

One Day International Series Winners
England at Home to Pakistan

  • England – ¼
  • Pakistan – 11/4

In the series between England and Pakistan, however, you can also bet on ODI Cricket having a high rain fall factor, as the first match experienced, the English weather halting play and giving rise to the hushed whispers of “Duckworth Lewis”. Those of you who regularly bet on sports in the UK may already be familiar with this piece of sporting prediction, but for those that aren’t, let’s take a look at what One Day International Cricket does when the day’s play is curtailed by rain….again.

Cricket in the UK

How do you think England’s cricket team fares against Pakistan? (photo:

DL/S Guarantee A Fair Bet On ODI Cricket Even If It Rains

You’d probably not bet on ODI Cricket only being possible due to the work of two English statisticians, but Frank Duckworth and Tony Lewis arrived at a formula that allowed for acceptable prediction of the remaining portions of a game that has been stopped by, for instance, the English weather. Necessary because you can’t delay a game that takes all day to play. Now watched over by Steven Stern, another world renowned statistician, it also allows for a game restarted after a rain delay to have the missing portion of the match factored in, thus giving an accurate run target.

ODI Series Squad Odds

  • England 4-1 – 5/4
  • England 3-2 – 11/4
  • England 5-0 – 3/1
  • Pakistan 2-3 – 8/1
  • Pakistan 3-2 – 8/1
  • Pakistan 1-4 – 33/1

Now if you’re outside the UK gambling laws of journalistic integrity mean I’ll now attempt a potted explanation of how they arrive at that run target, or indeed the result of the match, guess again. The basic equation looks entirely simple, however it hides a myriad of caveats that are almost as incomprehensible as the rules of Cricket themselves. However, lest it be said if you’ve put a bet on ODI Cricket and the game is interrupted, the DL/S rules will ensure you get a fair result win, lose or draw.

Bet365 Has More ODI Markets Than Just The Winners

Placing a bet on ODI Cricket is not, naturally, limited to just picking the winner of each individual match, nor the series over all. England are the favorites to do that with bookies like Bet365 giving them 1/4 to win with Pakistan, despite their recent rather decent performances, only getting 11/4 to grab a series victory. To bet on each match you really should keep one eye on the weather, and beyond that there are the usual player bets that we’ve come to know and love, and they’re where the action is.

Joe Root cricket

Joe Root is the betting favorite to be England’s top scoring batsman (photo:

Joe Root is 11/4 to be top scoring English batsman, with Alex Hales and Jason Roy on 7/2, and for Pakistan it’s Azhar Ali at 3/1 with Shoaib Malik at 4/1 and Sharjeel Khan at 7/2 to score most runs. In the bowling for England bookies like Bet365 are giving Liam Plunkett 3/1 with Chris Woakes and David Willey on 7/2 and Pakistan’s best bowler book rates Mohammad Amir at 5/2 with Imad wasim at 3/1. Can you predict the exact score? There’s a market for it, but you’d have to be as good at predicting things as Duckworth, Lewis and Stern are, and all those of you in the UK gambling news of a heatwave will keep the rain away this summer…….get a grip. This is England.
Now pass me the gin & tonic and a calculator….

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