Who Is Cooler? Bet on Oxxxymiron vs Kollegah

  • Oxxxymiron called famous German rapper Kollegah to battle
  • Oxxxymiron gave an interview to the main rap portal of Germany
  • The Russians attacked Kollegah’s Instagram
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Image source: Alina Platonova / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

Oxxxymiron wants to have a battle with a strong opponent in German. Kollegah is an accomplished star with millions of views and hits. Both rappers won their fame thanks to online battles. Online sportsbooks in Russia don’t miss the opportunity to make predictions. You should take your chance, bet on Oxxxymiron vs Kollegah!

Rapper justifies his desire by the fact that they are both mainstream artists but in different countries. Why not take advantage of online gambling sites in Russia and bet on Oxxxymiron vs Kollegah? I believe that their conditions are completely equal since Kollegah never battled in public. And Oxxxymiron never battled in German. Accordingly, for both of them, this battle will be new and interesting. 

To take place before 31.12.2020  Yes 5
To take place before 01.06.2020  Yes 7

Why you should bet on Oxxxymiron vs Kollegah?

According to online sportsbooks in Russia, famous rapper Oxxxymiron was born in an ordinary intelligent family. The first 4 years he studied at Russian school, after which his father decided to leave for Germany. Miron found himself in a strange environment without knowledge of the German language. At the Maria Wechtler School, where he studied, his classmates humiliated him.

His song “Last Call” talks about this difficult period of his life. It was rap that helped the 13-year-old boy to overcome ridicule and bullying. After reading the story of his life, we believe that the rapper has a fighting spirit. Bet on Oxxxymiron vs Kollegah and make some extra money! 

Equal war with unequal rivals

Oxxxymiron wants to battle with the German hip-hop artist Kollegah, because he wants to battle in German with a strong opponent, with whom he must be at the same level.

In an interview, the rapper emphasized that only Kollegah he can consider to be his equal. When the battle of the titans takes place is still unknown. But you can bet on Oxxxymiron vs Kollegah on 22Bet Sportsbook and win a lot of money.

German fans believe that Oxxxymiron is not on the same level as Kollegah. Moreover, he is not popular in Germany. In their opinion, such a battle is completely dishonest. In response, Miron did not answer! His fans successfully littered the entire Kollegah Instagram.

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