Why Should You Bet on Poland to Leave the EU?

  • Poland’s values do not coincide with other countries
  • This year, the situation within the EU got even worse
  • Check the reasons why “Polexit” can happen in 2023
bet on Poland to leave the EU

Four years ago, Britain decided to leave the EU for the first time in its history. Poland can follow its steps in the upcoming years. “Polexit” is close to becoming reality like never before for a number of reasons. Check why one should bet on Poland to leave the EU in 2021 or 2022.

Talks about Poland’s exit from the European Union have become louder during the last months. The recent threat to veto the EU budget has added fuel to the fire. Nowadays, even online sportsbooks in Poland predict that the country will follow Britain’s steps and leave the EU. When and why is it going to happen?

Reasons to bet on Poland to leave the EU

Poland’s relationship with the European Union became more complicated in 2020. Therefore, rumors about the country’s “Polexit” have turned into odds at 22Bet Sportsbook predicting when Poland might come up with a decision. First, let’s go through the reasons why the Central European country has controversies with the EU.

  • Poland’s values are far from the EU’s ones. The country is quite skeptical concerning opening its borders to third-country immigrants. Also, Poland is still conservative when it comes to such issues as multiculturalism and feminism. Earlier in 2020, the country introduced a law banning abortions. Although the final decision was delayed due to protests, its appearance shows Poland’s policy as it is. 
  • Many politicians don’t like the EU. Anti-EU sentiments among Polish officials have been widespread since its entrance. Recently, PM Morawiecki mentioned “Eurocrats” and “the European oligarchy” speaking about the recent budget veto. In addition, Education minister Czarnek compared the EU to the Soviet Union in the latter’s favor after receiving criticism about abortions.
  • Different ideologies are also the reason to bet on Poland to leave the EU. While Europe tends to be liberal, traditional and Christian Poland looks the opposite. The government does not erase but highlights this difference, which causes permanent conflicts between the two. Although Polexit wouldn’t be a great decision in terms of economy, other gaps can lead to it soon.

When can Polexit take place?

bet on Poland to leave the EU
Let’s bet on Poland!

According to online gambling sites in Poland, there are three dates when Poland can leave the EU. The most possible one is in 2023. As the British example showed, quitting the European Union takes plenty of time and effort. Britain has voted for Brexit in 2016, while the process itself began in 2020. Therefore, you can confidently bet on Poland to leave the EU no earlier than 2023 in case it announces the decision soon. Odds of 20.00 also show that there is no chance to regulate political & economical issues between Poland and the EU prior to this date.

2022 is another possible year for Poland to quit the European Union. It also makes sense as the country can learn from Britain’s mistakes and fasten Polexit. With 40.00 odds at 22Bet Sportsbook, this is the second-best variant for the country. Surely, 2021 would be the best of all for Poland if they decide to quit, but their exit is unlikely to happen so soon.

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