Bet on Pope Francis to Win the Nobel Peace Prize in 2020

  • Based on the latest news Pope Francis can be a shoo-in for the Nobel Peace Prize
  • Greta leads the odds but that doesn't mean anything
  • You can place your wager at the 22BET Sportsbook
Bet on Pope Francis
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The 2020 Nobel Peace Prize is closer day by day. While everyone expects the victory of Greta Thunberg, we have a different point of view. Based on the latest news, a bet on Pope Francis to win the act this year seems to be the most sensible wager. His great good-deeds that he just did for the refugees and how he translates the interests of humanity to the language of the Catholic Church and love is a way more admirable endeavor than anyone else’s achievements.

The Nobel Peace Prize is an annual ceremony to highlight the person of the year, who did the most for humanity. The Prize is given since 1901 and the only times when they didn’t choose a laureate were during the World Wars. They mostly award international achievements or individuals who were leading institutions that helped people in need. Even more, in 2012 the winner was the European Union itself. The Nobel Peace Prize is not just for the ones who are talking about problems but for those who are earning results.

Still, online sportsbooks in Australia list a lot of names who can be potentials for a nomination or even for the prize itself. Greta Thunberg leads the odds. By the way, in fact, she is more like a fascinating marketing-hack than an independent individual who did sacrifices for the human nation. “I should be in school…” she said, and she was right.

A bet on Pope Francis is a sensible decision in the reflection of his previous weeks

First of all, I must admit I’m not a religious person. However, I deeply admire anyone who has strong faith in something. There are a lot of bad stereotypes about the Catholic Church. Partially they are right because if we talk about people with power, we all know, sooner or later (mostly sooner) hypocorism will find its way. Probably, that’s why the 22BET Sportsbook pairs particularly high odds with Pope Francis. By the way, despite his 21.00 odds, we expect that this year he can bring the Nobel medallion back to the Vatican.

Pope Francis’ good-deeds were helping migrants

Also, his sickness didn’t make him stay away from the actualities. Instead, he made more statements than usual. Oh, wait a moment, we already did… Nevermind.

Bet on Pope Francis
He did a lot for us in the past months

As you can see in the table below 2020 Nobel Prize predictions don’t favor the Pope more like the Lil’ Greta. Such a shame.

22Bet’s odds on the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize
Greta Thunberg 2.00
Raoni Metuktire 7.50
UNHCR (the United Refugee Agency) 9.50
Jacinda Arden 10.00
Reporters Without Borders 11.00
Elizabeth Warren 15.00
The European Union 17.00
Narendra Modi 17.00
Sir David Attenborough 17.00
Loujain al-Hathloul 17.00
Pope Francais 21.00
Donald Trump 21.00
The Arctic Council 21.00

Despite her short odds, even Donald Trump did more for humanity than Greta Thunberg

As you can see above in the table, online gambling sites in Australia are focusing on popular people who can be potential shoo-ins. However, the Nobel Prize committee is only interested in real results. Environmental awareness is important but to be true, these days a global problem that is impossible to solve in the short-term must be a secondary issue. The only year when someone got the prize for their hard work to fight climate change was 2007. Al Gore and the IPCC received the medallion because they made the world recognize the man-made climate change and forced them to take steps to prevent further global warming (what a success).

In sum, with the global migration, the Syrian Conflicts, Brexit and Donald Trump we are heading a year full of disasters. Why should you bet on Pope Francis to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 2020? Because humanity’s only hope is faith and showing respect for fellow creatures.

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