How to Boost Your Odds of Winning EuroMillions

  • EuroMillions jackpot range between £15 million and £170 million
  • You can increase your odds by following strategies
  • Currently, there are 2,863,507,848 EuroMillions winners
How to Boost Your Odds of Winning EuroMillions
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Everyone has probably heard about the EuroMillions – the biggest transnational lottery in Europe. EuroMillions is a Powerball-type lotto game, where a player must have 7 matching numbers in order to win a jackpot. But if you become a lucky winner, your prize will range between £15 million and £170 million! Impressive, isn’t it? Let’s take a look at some winning tips and strategies which will increase your odds of winning EuroMillions. 

How to play EuroMillions

You will have to pick 5 numbers between 1 and 50, and 2 “lucky star” numbers between 1 and 12. If you are feeling lucky, you can try the Lucky Dip, which will select numbers randomly. Then, you can choose one or multiple lines, and select dates of draws – yes, it doesn’t have to be just one draw. Submitting multiple entries enables players to increase their chances. EuroMillions draws are held twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday.

Odds of winning EuroMillions jackpot and eligibility

EuroMillions is a transnational country and there are no restricted countries – everyone is welcome to try their luck. European citizens and residents can buy tickets online or from authorized lottery retailers. Non-EU residents can buy EuroMillions tickets online. The only restriction is the age limit – participants must be over 18 years old.

According to the Euromillions website, there is 1 in 139,838,160 chance of winning the jackpot. However, there are multiple strategies that can help a player to boost their chances. Currently, there are 2,863,507,848 winners worldwide and 630,464,461 winners in the UK. The overall amount of winnings is £9,559,436,421.

Where to buy tickets online?

Today, in the age of digital technologies, there are numerous lotto sites where you can buy tickets online. For example, you can purchase EuroMillions tickets via theLotter website. TheLotter is available worldwide, so you can win the jackpot while being in any part of the world. Check out our review on theLotter and hit the jackpot.

Most common numbers

EuroMillions website also has transparent statistics of the most and the least lucky numbers from 2004. Based on statistics from 359 draws, 20 is the hottest number – it appeared 49 times. Furthermore, 23 is a runner-up ball with 48 draws and 44 has been drawn 45 times. Balls number 40 and 33 are the least common – they were drawn only 25 and 27 times since 2016.

Good Lotto Strategies

When playing EuroMillions, make sure your number combination is as diverse as possible. Try not to use sequences, instead pick both high and low numbers. Also, most of the draws include an equal amount of odd and even numbers. Make sure you use them proportionately because draws with only odd or only even numbers are less common.

How to Boost Your Odds of Winning EuroMillions
Euromillion – Image source: Magnus D from London, United Kingdom / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

It is also important to monitor previous results. Usually, one group of numbers is absent from each draw. For example, in the winning combination from February, 25 – 1, 4, 18, 27, 42 – there are no 30s. The winning numbers from February, 14 – 5, 20, 35, 41, 49 – omit 10s.

Monitoring hot and cold numbers is a bit trickier because you never know when a number will strike. However, you can always find out a “cold hot number”. List all numbers which were in the last 10 winning draws and count how often they appear in the winning combination. Try to pick the ones that appear the least often.

When it comes to cold numbers that haven’t appeared in winning combinations, it is truly a game of chance. If the number you pick every time has been loosing over and over again, maybe it is a time to switch. To date, ball number 28 sat out for 128 days, and it may not be drawn in the next few weeks.

Bad Lotto Strategies

First and foremost, don’t pick the combination which already won. What are the chances that the previously-drawn combination will win again? Extremely low.

Another popular tactic you should avoid is pattern betting. For instance, some people tend to pick lined up numbers, or numbers which are located diagonally. If you analyze combinations that already won, you won’t see any of these patterns there. Finally, betting on the sequence of prime numbers is also not the best idea.


Using good lotto strategies can increase your odds of winning EuroMillions. Of course, purchasing more tickets means higher chances of winning. But if you don’t want to spend too much money, you can always make a team and divide winnings accordingly. And if you are interested in other games, you can find a huge selection of the best online gambling sites in the UK.

You can buy your tickets here at theLotter!

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