Bet On Russell Crowe To Play Shane Warne In A Netflix Documentary

  • Russel Crowe is a number-one candidate to play the lead role
  • Shane Warne insists on involving his old friend Crowe into film
  • Sam Worthington and Leonardo DiCaprio are among other frontrunners
Bet on Russell Crowe, 1xbet, 1xbet sportsbook
A film about Shane Warne will be out soon
Image source: Flickr

It is expected that the documentary film about the most famous cricket player will be out in the next 18 months. Bet on Russell Crowe to play Shane Warne due to several reasons, including the Australian legend’s support of his old friend.

A 50-years-old Shane Warne announced the upcoming documentary film about himself at the beginning of 2019. Since then, the cricket player has been often traveling to the US to discuss the details about the film. It is already known that Netflix will be responsible for Shane but who can play the lead role? Let’s see the top 10 candidates by online sportsbooks in Australia. According to the list, there are plenty of actors ready to portray the best cricket player in the world.

  • Russel Crowe – 2.00
  • Sam Worthington – 8.00
  • Brendan Cowell – 8.00
  • Steph Curry – 10.00
  • Joel Edgerton – 10.00
  • Matt Damon – 11.00
  • Jonah Hill – 11.00
  • Luke Hemsworth – 11.00
  • Leonardo DiCaprio – 15.00
  • Chris Hemsworth – 15.00

Bet on Russell Crowe to play Shane Warne next year

Bet on Russell Crowe, 1xbet, 1xbet sportsbook
Russell Crowe is #1 candidate to play Warne [John Mathew Smith & www.celebrity-photos.com from Laurel Maryland, USA [CC BY-SA] Via Wikimedia Commons]
According to the best odds, Russel Crowe leads the list of potential “Shane Warnes”. The former Gladiator can change his shield and sword to cricket ball and bat with 2.00 odds, which are the lowest at 1xBet Sportsbook. There are two strong reasons to bet on Russell Crowe to play Shane Warne and here are them.

Primarily, Russell Crowe also relates to Australia. Yes, he was born in New Zealand but a 55-years-old actor has lived most of his life at the neighboring continent. As the majority associates the Oscar-winning film star with Australia, Crowe is comfortable with this too. Therefore, betting on Australian to play Australian sounds quite reasonable. But this is not the main reason to bet on Russell Crowe to play Shane Warne. The most important thing is that these two legends are close friends. The sportsman described Crowe as a cricket lover too, so the idea to hire Russel to play Warne seems completely brilliant.

Who else can play Shane Warne in the Netflix film?

Despite Russel Crowe seems to be a perfect candidate to play Shane Warne, he is not the only actor under consideration. Sam Worthington also has high chances to get the role, to say nothing about such a giant as Leonardo DiCaprio. Experts from gambling sites in Australia give good odds on both actors to join the movie cast.

The main reason why you can bet on Sam Worthington to play Shane Warne is his origin. The Avatar star is an Australian actor despite the fact that he was born in the UK. His hometown is Perth, where he grew up since he was 6 months. This gives him additional points in the race for the role in Shane and 8.00 odds at 1xBet Sportsbook.

Another popular actor who can play a lead role in a documentary about Shane is Leonardo DiCaprio. This well-known film star has 15.00 odds to receive the role of the famous cricket player. DiCaprio has all chances to become Shane Warne as he called Leonardo a “super cool” choice for this role. Well, we can’t agree more while imagining Leo in a cricket uniform.

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