Bet on Farming Simulator: Dreamhack’s Weirdest Tournament


Posted: January 6, 2020

Updated: April 14, 2021

  • Is Farmer Simulator counts as an eSport?
  • Learn more about the epic battle of the virtual tractors
Image source: Flickr

Dreamhack’s gaming festival is a huge annual LAN-party an eSport tournament. Next to other outstanding events, you can also bet on Farming Simulator. Despite the challenge sounds silly, you can find high odds and serious competitors.

Dreamhack’s European act takes place in Leipzig, Germany. From 24th to 26th of January. Online gambling sites in Germany just created their wagers with high-ass odds. Unexpectedly, the options to bet on farming simulator tournaments are the most popular. It seems people love to bet on old games. Even more, if you would like to take a seat at one of the biggest European LAN-parties, you can still get your ticket at the official site of Dreamhack.

The option to bet on Farming Simulator 19 is more exciting than the game itself

Even if this farming madness looks boring, the event itself is one of the most prestigious eSport happenings. Attending the event is huge fun. Also, rooting for a virtual tractor can be the funniest thing that you do in 2020. Watching farming simulator streams are not too satisfying, however, if you place a bet on a farming simulator and earn like 500€, it will change your mind.

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The Farming Simulator booth at the Gamescom 2016 – Image source: Flickr

People bet on everything they can. It’s difficult to say where is the border between eSport and hobby-gaming. IF you can bet on Sonic, does it counts as a professional game or just a momentary madness? This is the same issue with this bet on Farming Simulator. In sum, is it “professional” or not, it can earn you money and a lot of adorable moments.

Odds indicate that Trelleborg will surmount John Deere

The odds at online sportsbooks in Germany picture that the two absolute shoo-ins are Trelleborg, the last year’s Farmer Champion (1.725) and John Deere, the popular streamer (2.5). At 22bet, all the other competitors have extremely high odds. However, if you are not afraid of a bit venture, you can also place your wager on Krone (15.00). He is a well-known streamer as well. I’m sure if the other participants will make a mistake he will easily surmount the lower odd tractor-sharks. In sum, don’t afraid to bet on Farming Simulator 19. Despite it doesn’t seem like a challenging adventure, even virtually, racing with vehicles like these needs a lot of experience and patience.

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