Bet on Sonic: Let the Blue Hedgehog Earn You Money


Posted: January 3, 2020

Updated: January 13, 2020

  • 22bet even offers wagers for Sonic
  • If you bet on the blue hedgehog you can expect neat income
Image source: Flickr

You can wager on endless topics on the internet. The most growing events in the gambling industry are eSport tournaments. Therefore, not just the most popular games receive attention. You can bet on Sonic Generations. Let our favourite hedgehog triple your balance.

As you can see in the latest review about 22bet, they are offering a broad type of wagers for every taste. So, it’s not a surprise that you can bet on Sonic games as well. After the movie, this superfast hedgy got a lot of attention. On the other hand, no one really noticed that betting on this game can earn you much more than you first think. Despite the topic is infantile, the wagers itself are bloody serious.

If you want to go for sure, bet on Sonic to finish the map

The first and most important question that you can bet on at online sportsbooks in South Korea is: Will they finish the map at all? The answer is mostly yes. There were only a couple of occasions when someone failed. The odds are always low on this topic. However, if you would like to earn some extra balance without any risktaking this is your wager.

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Sonic is one of the most popular video game characters Image source: Flickr

You should also wager on the number of collected rings and passed checkpoints

At 22bet you can also bet on Sonic’s performance. How many rings he will collect or how many checkpoints he passes. On these occasions, the multipliers are amazingly high (from 3.00 to 11.00). Even more, you can bet on these scores even when he started the map. That means, based on his performance you can easily predict the final scores.

Betting on Sonic is just the beginning

If you bet on Sonic you will love to bet on old games as well. You can bet on Heroes, bet on Quake and much more. If you would like to wager on the favourite game of your childhood or you think that you could earn a lot if you would bet on mobile games just pop up the 22bet sportsbook. Take a glimpse at the Virtual Live options. I am sure you will find some that you will like.

Despite he is blue, the hedgehog series are evergreen

The first of the „Sonic the Hedgehog” series was released in 1990 by the Sonic Team as a part of a bigger company, Sega. Since then a lot of games came out with a lot of characters. Sonic became an iconic blue creature (no one really knew he is a hedgehog).

However, the most popular edition nowadays is Sonic Generations. It’s debuted in 2011. The bets at 22bet are also for this version. Sonic Generations keeps the platform genre but took a good solution to make the game more diverse. They combined the different Sonic „generations” so the game is both side-scrolling and 3D. A lot of retro maps were reworked but the point is the same. If you are an arcade fan or just love tricky wagers, you can’t miss betting on Sonic.

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