Bet on Quake: The Evergreen Sci-fi First Person Shooter

  • You can bet on Quake at 22bet
  • This oldschool game series are the favourite of the X generation
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You can bet on plenty of things on the Internet. My favourite options are eSport wagers and mostly betting on retro games. You can find Live options, this way you can bet on Quake or any old-school video game any time.

Many online sportsbooks in South Korea offer plenty of wagers for eSport. 22bet always has special Live bets. Those Live options always include the most popular and smaller sports events as well. Also, you can wager on a lot of different things, like eSport or weather. Even more, between these Live bets, there are also options to bet on mobile games or even bet on old games. Finally, you can bet on auto chess games just like you can bet on Sonic or you can even bet on Quake.

Why should you bet on Quake?

Quake used to be the most popular FPS. However, nowadays CS and COD had all the attention. Despite even the newest game (Quake 4) counts as an old one, the physics and animations and the outstanding character types keep the players in front of the computer (someone even buys out of date video-cards to play with the earlier versions of Quake).

Therefore this old but gold video game still has a worthy population. That means options to bet on Quake every day. However, the fact that fewer people play with it makes the outcome of the games more predictable. By the way, the odds are particularly long.

If you take a glimpse at the latest review about 22bet you will see all the advantages of this emerging gambling site. They are new on the market. Still, they always offer high multipliers. Also, they have most of the funny eSport Live Bets on the internet.

The id Software developers never let you down

The first Quake is released in 1996 by the id Software, especially for PC. Since then they created plenty of first-person shooters. All of them became a great success. Unfortunately, their heyday was in the 1990s and the early 2000s. They developed Wolfenstein and the Doom series as well. Therefore if you bet on Quake at 22bet, you can expect next to the high odds a complete visual satisfaction if you watch the games. If you would like to learn more about the history of Quake check out this video:

The best players of the FPS scene usually have experience in Quake

At the moment, most of the players who play FPS competitively have some Quake experience. Back in the day when Quake 1 released it was the most fun game to play. In 2019 Marcel Paul was the best earning Quake player. So if you see Marcel or better known as k1llsen, place your bet on him. Watch the futuristic gunfights while you earn a neat profit.

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