Bet on Sports in Indonesia Improves As Sbobet Bolaboom Goes Live

Indonesia's online football betting giant Sbobet has joined up with a new affiliate website, Bolaboom, as it expands business, and strengthens its hold on the market.

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According to the latest Indonesia gambling news, Philippines online sports book giant Sbobet has registered themselves as a contributor to a new giant online football gambling site – Bolaboom – that has just been launched to serve clients in Indonesia.

Aiming to serve those internet betting clients focusing on football, in Bali, Jakarta and Medan, the idea behind the site will see clients given the very latest in football news, with hints and tips on how to bet, and what to bet on, from Bolaboom.

Although it is presently unclear just how much a contribution Sbobet, along with Ibcbet, has made to the project, both sports betting operators consider Bolaboom to be a key piece in providing the very best service, the online sportsbook arena can offer in Indonesia.

Speaking on behalf of Bolaboom, its founder had the following to say, regarding the brand new website.

“It’s important we continue to evolve and develop our member group to provide high profile and professional service on online betting industry. We need to continually progress and provide our members with high quality support and detail tips for the best match in a highly competitive industry. We aim to exceed user expectations for quick response of contact through to finalization of each betting placement with our professional online support.”

He continued by adding, “when gambling, it’s important to ensure that you don’t bet too much. This is a common mistake for beginning gamblers and we will give this suggestion to all members especially the new ones.”

It has been reported that there is a potentially massive audience for online football betting in Indonesia, with the game more popular than ever. However despite the huge desire of Indonesians to bet on football matches, few are familiar with the methods used to do so, and even fewer are aware of the Indonesian gambling laws.

It is strongly felt that release of Bolaboom – a website that not only provides potential punters the means to place wagers on sportsbooks, but also tells them how to, and what would be worth betting on – will be a success in Indonesia, and further enhance the credibility and reputation Sbobet has in the industry.

Sbobet is an online sportsbook company, that operates mainly out of Asia, but also has a significant interest in European online gaming. Licensed out of the Philippines in Asia, and the Isle of Man in Europe, the company also offers online casino, and mobile gaming from its online site, as well as allowing clients to bet on sports.

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