Bet On Tekken 7: Dream Or Reality?

Tekken 7 Betting

Tekken 7 is about to be released in a few month. Bandai Namco aimed to create a top quality fighting game and tried to create a competitive game in hopes of turning it into a popular eSports game. Would you bet on Tekken 7 matches?

The Tekken 7 release date has been made official earlier this year. The new Tekken game is to go out on the 2nd of June, 2017. It will be available on PS, XBOX as well as PC, so all console gamers will be able to enjoy the new fighting game. The biggest question that all online gambling news in the USA keep asking remains whether or not we will be able to bet on Tekken 7. We hope the answer is yes, but…

Will I be able to bet on Tekken 7?

We don’t know that yet. Unfortunately we can’t be sure, however, there are some promising facts regarding the new Tekken game: developers say it will build on being more competitive than ever before. Now that can lead to only one thing: players will want to compete each other in hopes of finding the best Tekken 7 players; and thanks to that, online sportsbooks will be forced to exploit the Tekken 7 betting market.

Would Tekken 7 be a good choice for eSports?

Based on predictions, released gameplay videos and review, it would be a terrific game to watch on an eSports tournament. It’s really competitive, it features tons of moves that will need a lot of thinking and skills to execute them and overall it will be very a spectacle game. Basically it’s like the perfect definition of an eSports game. We can be sure that it’s not an accident.

Bandai Namco were aiming to create an eSports game in hopes of achieving even greater successes. Tekken 7 is to become the most popular eSports fighting games. GamingZion hopes that the most important online sportsbooks in the US will not fail to offer their customers the opportunity to bet on Tekken 7 matches!

The secret weapon is back to the Tekken series!

One of the most liked character of the whole series is definitely that of Eddy Gordo. Due to his weird capoeira dancing moves, it is really hard to read his body and predict what he’s about to do and where he’s about to hit your character. This is what makes him one of the best characters to play with. Being unpredictable is quite an advantage when it comes to fighting!

Some things never change…

Tekken 7 is not expected to be any less of a successful gaming story than the previous episodes have been. We can expect a lot of diversity in the characters, as usual. Each character will have its own unique background story and each of them will have very different moves. One more reason why Tekken 7 should become an eSports hit: knowing the characters will help players a lot. We have high expectations towards the new Tekken game because we sure will want to bet on Tekken 7!

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