Bet On The Best Christmas Movie Ever

  • Christmas is the time when the closest friends and relatives gather in the house.
  • What if you could bet on the best Christmas movie?
  • Read our reviews and make up your mind. 
Bet on the best Christmas movie

Christmas is the time when the closest friends and relatives gather in the house, and a fabulous atmosphere is in the air. And what could be better than watching a good movie? We would like to bring to your attention a selection of the best, and probably for many well-known films, which will be pleasant to watch with your family. However, it is hard to pick up which one is the best. What if you could bet on the best Christmas movie? Read our reviews and make up your mind. 

Home Alone (1990) is one of the best Christmas movies

Loved by millions of viewers and one of the funniest family comedies, which we gladly revisit from year to year. Nevertheless, we still have fun with the funny plot and ingenuity of the protagonist, performed by Macaulay Kalkin. And what do you sometimes leave at home when going on a long trip? Surely your missteps are no match for the McCallister family of Chicago. On Christmas Day, the American family goes on holiday to Europe, but in the chaotic morning gatherings, scattered parents forget their youngest son at home.

What should a little boy do when he finds himself at home alone for the first time and, moreover, has to confront two thieves? Dexterous Kevin found a way out of an unusual and even dangerous situation. We are sure that a lot of people would bet on the best Christmas movie ever picking up Home Alone on online sportsbooks in the USA.

Love Actually (2003) is worthing your bet

A charming and romantic Christmas film about miracles that happen, don’t they. Each of the love stories seems to happen separately, but in the end, it turns out that all the characters are somehow connected. And it turns out that love, like Christmas, is a miracle that happens equally with the Prime Minister of Great Britain and understudy actors who do bed scenes, the hermit writer, and all of us one way or another. Christmas is coming in England and unusual things begin to happen.

Some fall in love and fall apart, while others are still desperately alone and looking for someone special for themselves. This is a story about eight couples who follow their heart and demonstrate true love. People of all ages and social words are subject to this feeling. Indeed, if you look around, it becomes clear that love is everywhere and in each of us. Love Actually can make your bet on the best Christmas movie ever. Do you want to know How to Gamble During Christmas? Visit Bet Online and get some money for good presents for your beloved ones!

Bet on the best Christmas movie
Which one is your favorite?

Make your bet on the best Christmas movie: It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

Black and white classic of American cinema with an inspiring happy ending and massive hugs. Americans themselves love this film a lot. This is why on Christmas it is played on all TV channels every year, and whole families gather in front of the screen to watch it. On the eve of the brightest holiday, the main character is going through a life crisis and is going to commit suicide. However, instead he saves his guardian angel. In gratitude, he shows the main character how bad life was for everyone if he were gone.

Happy and ready to start living again, the guy returns home to his family. The plot is an “inverted” version of Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol”, where the hero wanted to change for the better because no one would have grieved for him. Are you ready to bet on it? Well, maybe first start by checking the best online sportsbooks in the USA.

A Christmas Carol (2009) is what you need in 2020!

Another film adaptation of the novel by Charles Dickens, directed by Robert Zemeckis and Disney Studios. The main characters are the three ghosts and the curmudgeon Scrooge himself played by Jim Carrey. Despite the novelty of the animated film, this story has long become a classic Christmas theme and quickly fell in love with viewers around the world. A very instructive holiday story about the greedy and callous man Ebenezer Scrooge, who hates the holidays and Christmas in particular. However, just on the eve of this holiday at night, the spirits of Christmas – past, present, and future – come to him in turn. This journey through time and space changes the life of Scrooge forever. While you bet on the best Christmas movie, do not forget about this masterpiece.

Bet on the best Christmas movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Another Walt Disney Studios project is The Nightmare Before Christmas. A puppet musical film based on a script by Tim Burton and directed by Henry Selick. The soundtrack for the film was written by composer Danny Elfman, who also provided vocals for Jack and some other characters. The main characters of the cartoon were voiced by Chris Sarandon, Catherine O’Hara, and William Hickey. The story tells about the ugly inhabitants of the town of Halloween, who are scaring normal people on All Saints Day. One of the residents is so tired of the predictability of this holiday that he decides to arrange a real Christmas for the townspeople, and play the role of Santa Claus. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it! Just like visiting Bet Online, this film is exciting.

Family Man (2000) can make your Christmas unforgettable

One of the good old Nicolas Cage films about simple human and family values – perfect for the spirit of Christmas. Moreover, now you won’t see Nick in such good films, so the film becomes even more valuable. The financier, who has everything in life except love, wakes up one morning after Christmas that he could have had if he had not parted with the girl of his dreams. He would live in an ordinary poor house, work for his father-in-law in a car tire store, save on clothes in favor of one of the kids studying at university while being the happiest person. Let’s bet on the best Christmas movie ever Family Man or check some other interesting bets on online sportsbooks in the USA.

Bet on the best Christmas movie
Let’s watch!

Bet on the best Christmas movie: Four Christmases (2008)

A captivating comedy about four different celebrations of Christmas. And all because of the couple, played by Reese Wisespoon and Vince Vaughn. They are divorced parents and themselves do not strongly believe in marriage, so they shy away from family holidays as much as they can. However, this time they still have to meet with all their relatives. This story will undoubtedly bring you a lot of laughter. Moreover, at the same time, it will make you think about your own family and relationships with parents and loved ones. And to increase your Christmas mood try Best Christmas Lotteries to Play Online.

New Year’s Eve (2011) is not about Christmas but also worth a bet

Wonderful New Year’s movie 2011. Events take place on New Year’s Eve in the city of New York, as a result of which the fates of the heroes are miraculously intertwined. Here is a terminally ill elderly man, a secretary who is trying to fulfill her dreams, a famous producer, a person who hates the New Year. Each of them gets into funny New Year’s stories, which once again proves how important it is to love and appreciate bright emotions.

Bet on the best Christmas movie: How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

Probably, everyone at least once in their life did not have a desire to celebrate the New Year. Maybe we were angry with very noisy, cheerful people who are in a hurry to celebrate Christmas. At such moments, we were like the gloomy green Grinch from this very film. However, in films, there is always a good instructive ending. Let’s remember a beautiful fairy tale together. After all, this is one of the most beautiful and fascinating stories that bring us back to the festive atmosphere of comfort and warmth. This bet is winning. And if you want to try your luck on Christmas visit Bet Online. Make your holidays special!

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