Bet on the Best TV Drama Series at the 2021 Golden Globe Awards 


Posted: February 18, 2021

Updated: February 18, 2021

  • The 78th Golden Globe Awards is right on the corner to celebrate the highlights of American television
  • On February 28th we will find out who will win the award for the best TV drama
  • We list the five nominees with current odds to find out who to bet on for the best TV drama series in 2021

The Ceremony of the 78th Golden Globe Awards is taking place on the last day of February. The year 2020 was successful in creating an outstanding selection of drama series. We take a look at the season’s most appreciated productions and likelihood to win the TV drama category. The nominees include The Crown, Ozark, Rached, Lovecraft Country and Mandalorian. All of them are binge-worthy, so why not take a dive before you bet on the best TV drama series in 2021.


Sarah Jessica Parker and Taraji P Henson woke up Hollywood last Wednesday with the official list of nominees for the 78th Golden Globe Awards. The award season of the TV and film industry has started, and as per usual, the Golden Globe Awards is starting the series. The 78th Golden Globe Awards will honour the best in American television of 2020, as well as film in 2020 and early 2021. The ceremony will take place on February 28, 2021, and it will be the first bi-coastal show in the history of the Golden Globe Awards. From the endless categories of the awards, this article will focus on the best TV drama series. By taking a look at current odds, you can make your best bet on the best TV drama series 2021.


What to expect if you bet on the best TV drama series 2021

Hollywood Foreign Press Association has invited the legendary comedy duo to host the show live. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will be hosting live, one from the east coast in New York City, while the other from the west coast, Beverly Hills, California. After the memorable monologue by Ricky Gervais last year, we await the lightweight banter by Fey and Poehler. The Golden Globe Awards might not be the most prestigious of Hollywood’s awards shows, it is still earnest of more to come. The Golden Globe Awards is also a good indicator of the following Oscar’s when it comes to movies and outstanding performances.

The category of television has been overthrown by major streaming services over the course of the last couple of years. While it is not a new phenomenon, as Ricky Gervais pointed out last year, traditional Hollywood productions are coming to an end, especially in the TV business. We focus on the category of best TV drama series, it is not a surprise that most of these are Netflix and HBO productions. The nominees are Netflix original Rached, The Crown and Ozark, HBO’s Lovecraft County and Mandalorian. It is quite an interesting contest since online casinos in the US show major disparities in the odds. With the Award show getting closer and closer, take a look at current odds on Bovada Casino to find your safest bet on the best TV drama series in 2021.

Bet on the Best TV Drama Series
Who are you betting on?

Are there winning themes at the Golden Globe Awards?

The Association pushed from the original date, therefore now the month of February is dedicated to the Golden Globes excitement. For best bets and odds on other categories, find our related articles. News on this year’s award has pointed out the representation of female directors. Three women are nominated for best director at the 78th Golden Globe Awards. The category of best drama series shows some variety. Some of the nominees, such as The Crown are ongoing successful TV shows, whereas we can see enough newcomers as well.

The odds listed on Bovada Casino definitely show the difference, since the fresh productions seem more likely to score bigger. Moving forward, we will break down the success and critical receptions of the five nominees and show the odds on online casino sites in the US. As we know it, Hollywood always favours something moving and grand when it comes to dramas. Hence the appeal of the adaptation of real-life or historical events. Let’s see which of these nominees can give us a heartbreaking enough experience to make a bet on the best TV drama series in 2021.


The five series to win best TV drama series in 2021


The Crown

The controversial series portraying the Royal Family had been a success since its first season. The show started following the political rivalries and romance of Queen Elisabeth II. The Crown is no stranger to fictional events and storylines but still reflects on events that shaped the second half of twentieth-century Britain. The characters have multiple dimensions, not to mention the amazing performance by critically acclaimed lead actors. The 4th season stood out especially, thanks to the introduction of new characters, particularly Gillian Anderson’s performance of The Iron Lady and newcomer Emma Corrin as young Princess Diana. The show already won the award for best TV drama before, not to mention the sweeping success of the actors. The Crown currently leads the 78th Golden Globe Awards with a record number of nominations. Odds on Bovada Casino show -333 suggesting that this outcome of The Crown winning is most likely. Find out some more of The Crown’s success in this article.



Another Netflix drama. Ozark’s pilot episode came out in 2017 and counts three seasons since then. In this chilling crime drama, the premise follows Marty Byrde, played by Jason Bateman, who relocates his family from Chicago to the Ozarks after a money-laundering scheme. Soon after their arrival they become surrounded by local criminals and the mafia. The show collected various awards at the Golden Globe both in 2019 and 2020. However, the take on the show’s progression is divisive. By the third season, the audience claimed that Ozark has lost some of its credibility. Odds suggest +275 for Ozark if you bet on the best TV drama series in 2021.


The Mandalorian

Most of us became familiar with Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian) from his Game of Thrones debut. The first season in 2017 came with major success. With The Mandalorian, Disney+ entered the competition between streaming services. The first live-action follow-up series of the Star Wars franchise received enough critical success. That is, to point out, not at easy achievement considering harsh critics whenever studios touch such a big theme. The Mandalorian is listed at +700.

Bet on the Best TV Drama Series
Let’s watch!



With odds listed at +1100, the nomination of Rached came as a surprise for some. This show definitely sticks out of the other nominees, while dramatic, also horrifying to watch. Streaming giant Netflix dominates so many categories, there is a chance that Ratched might take home the award. Sarah Paulson’s acting is once again just as powerful as we got used to it from the American Horror Story series. The style of the show also turned some heads around. Both the picture and costume design reflect the golden age of Hollywood. Moreover, the story of Rached follows an all-time favourite and shocking tale; One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The series presents how the dreadful Nurse Rached became who she became in the original story.


Lovecraft Country

The fifth nominated series will win big if it wins, with odd listed at +1600. An HBO production, currently streaming on HBO Max came out only recently, August 2020. It follows the 2016 novel with the same title, adding another horror drama to the list of nominees. The plot follows a young black protagonist’s travels across the segregated 1950s United States. A struggle begins for survival from racist terrors and terrifying monsters. Atticus Freeman’s journey takes a through so many things, we might end up in a bit of a mess. The show features multiple strong themes, racism, horror, monsters, ghost stories – maybe even a bit too many. Despite that, Lovecraft Country is an ambitious bet on the best TV drama series 2021, with a big payoff.

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