Bet on the First League to Resume


Posted: March 30, 2020

Updated: March 30, 2020

  • Prepare for the time when sports can resume
  • Premier League has the most change to continue first
  • Champions League final can be held in the summer

Now, in these special times, there are special bets you can bet on. After all major football leagues have been suspended, it raises the question when they will continue again. So now you can bet on the first league to resume besides other bets waiting for the end of the lockdown. 

It is a difficult situation for everyone, even for football clubs and players. Maybe it is hard to imagine now when more and more countries are announcing more strict restrictions, but one day the isolation should come to an end. Bookmakers are trying to give us some hope and concentrate on the future. When everything will be back to normal and all sports events will continue. 

Bet on the first league to resume once the situation will allow it

Online sportsbooks in the UK are hoping that the English Premier League will be the first league to resume. It was one of the last ones to be suspended. So there is a real chance that it can be the earliest to continue. With lots of clubs depending on broadcasting and marketing income from the games, it would be crucial for them to be able to play again. 

Of course, the safety of people is the most important factor. So there were proposals that the league can continue behind closed doors. But after many players are in self-isolation at the moment, it is still very doubtful when and if the season can continue. At the moment the Premier League is scheduled to continue on the first weekend in May. But certainly, it can all change again. Still, the English top league is the most likely to resume first, it has the odds of 2.00 at 1xBet.

You can bet on the date of the Champions League

Not just the national leagues, but the Champions League and the Europa League have come to a halt as well. In both leagues, teams were playing games in the last 16. Four teams have already got through to the quarter-finals in the UCL. In the Europa League teams couldn’t even start the round of the last 16. So now there is another question, which resulted in another bet. Will the finals of the two leagues be played before the 1st of September, 2020? The odds are very similar, 2.59 and 2.72 for a yes answer. But bookmakers think a no is more likely with the odds of 1.5 and 1.46. 

bet on the first league to resume
Will it resume?

Though the UEFA has extended its season until the 30th of June, it is difficult to imagine how the games can be held if the national leagues will still be suspended in May. But neither of these tournaments has been canceled in their history yet, and surely UEFA will make everything to organize the finals in both cups at a later date. 

Question about Euro2020

One thing we know for sure is that the European Championships have been postponed to next year. One detail is not certain though. If it will be held as it was originally planned, so in 12 different countries. There is a small chance that not every country will be able to hold the games next year, but after all, stadiums are ready and nothing much has changed except the date, it is not very likely. It explains the high odds, 5.45 for only one country organizing the tournament

And one last topic you can bet on is the old rivalry between the best two players, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. You can actually bet on which one of them will score the first goal in an official match. Messi has the smaller odds, 1.67 against Ronaldo’s 2.2. But because they play in different leagues, it can all depend on which one of them has the chance to play first. To learn more about the bets, visit 1xBet and read our review about 1xBet sportsbook.  

You can see more about these odds here at 1xBet Sportsbook.

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