Bet on the Next Major Athletics World Record to be Broken

  • Bet on the next major athletics world record to be broken
  • Men’s high, long and triple jumps are the favorites
  • Longest-standing world record is women’s 800m from 1983
Bet on the Next Major Athletics World Record to be broken

Even though performances and results in sports are always getting better thanks to new technologies and better background for the athletes, there are still records that stand for a long time. We made a list of the ones in athletics to give you some help to bet on the next major athletics world record to be broken. 

Most of these long-standing records are from different jumping events held by real superstars of the sport. Like the one in high-jump by Javier Sotomayor or the triple jump world record set up by Jonathan Edwards. The records set by the mentioned athletes seemed to be untouchable for a long time. But now new talents might be able to break them. Like in swimming, new swimming suits give some extra speed to the swimmers, new running shoes are also capable of these. Even the cover of the running tracks can influence the athletes’ performances. So thanks to all these improvements, in recent years, different athletes got close to these records. There is a real chance that some or maybe all of them will be broken soon.

Bet on the next major athletics world record to be broken to win some money with an amazing performance

Online sportsbooks in Russia are predicting that Sotomayor’s high jump world record of 2.45m from 1993 can be broken first. 1xBet is offering 3.00 odds for that. It is likely to have a new record soon as Mutaz Essa Barshim from Qatar has jumped 2.43 in 2014.  Besides two more athletes jumped 2.42 in the same year. Barshim is 28 now, Sotomayor was 25 at the time of his record, so he has to do it very soon. Another candidate to break the record is Mikhail Akimenko who finished second in the world championship with a jump of 2.35. He still has 10 cm to improve, but in his defense, he is only 23. 

Another jumping event you can bet on to have a new world record is a long jump.  Mike Powell set up a new record of 8.95m in 1991 after a great battle with Carl Lewis at the world championship in Tokyo. Both of them broke the previous record of 8.90m which had been standing for 23 years. Now Powell’s record is the new target for every long jumper. Just to show how far the current athletes are, we can take this year’s final. Here Jamaican Tajay Gayle has won with 8.69m. You can learn more about this year’s world championship on our site. The next Olympics will be in Tokyo which might bring some luck for the long jumpers and anyone betting on them with the odds of 4.50. 

Can a women’s record to be broken next?

Malaika Mihambo in ’18 – Image source: Stefan Brending via Wikimedia Commons

Most long-standing records set by women athletes have been already broken, but there are still a few to bet on. One of them is the women’s long jump record. It was achieved by Soviet athlete Galina Chistyakova in 1988 so more than 30 years ago. Recent jumpers are getting close to the world record of 7.52m. Like German world champion, Malaika Mihambo, who reached 7.30m so far. The odds for women’s long jump to have a new world record next is 9.00.

We find another record from 1988, which still stands, and it is one of the most prestigious ones, women’s 100m. The record, 10.49s is held by Florence Griffith-Joyner, the famous American sprinter known as Flo-Jo.  A few American and Jamaican sprinters have come close to her record but they still need to get 15 seconds faster to break it. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is the current world and Olympic champion. Her best time is 10.70, so she still needs to get quicker to break the world record. The odds for her or anyone else to do it is 13.00 at 1xBet

The oldest records though are coming from throw events, both Yuriy Sedikh’s hammer and Jurgen Schult’s discus world record has been standing since 1986. The odds to break them next is 17. Only one event has an even longer history, Czechoslovakian Jarmila Kratichliva’s 800m time has been standing since 1983. It’s very unique to have a track record for so long, while the others have been broken in the past years. With Caster Semenya in the field, there might be a chance to finally break this record as well with the odds of 15.00 to be the next. If you feel like betting on the athletes, visit 1xBet after reading our latest review about 1xBet sportsbook

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