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If you like to bet on sports in the UK your natural predilection will be to lean towards the traditional betting hubs of horse racing and football. These traditional mainstays, however, whilst wholly enjoyable are, to some degree beginning to show their age, and as modern technology produces a new variety of pastimes on which one can wager, perhaps they’re not where you should be betting at all. Maybe you should bet on the Voice over the Premier League, it’s far more entertaining.

Football Vs The Voice Etc.

• Reality TV the new sport
• More inclusive & fun
• Better odds on winning

Football is the most popular sport on the planet, perhaps nowhere more so than in the UK where across the country some 1.5 million people attend matches week-in-week-out, however this popularity is now rivaled and exceeded by that enjoyed by products of a far more modern age. Where once a tribal game of 22 idiots kicking a ball was the height of entertainment, times have most certainly changed.

The explosion of reality television, both conceived and nurtured by the evolution of information technology, has had a massive effect on the entertainment industry giving the public a new set of heroes that rather than rise, exist, age and die, tend to come and go, as disposable as a Biro. There is no tribal pattern, no long term commitment, and yet the same core fundamentals still exist.

A viewer who places a bet on The Voice can choose their “team” pick a favorite “player” and root away for them as if the very world depended upon their success, but some the end of the series that history is set aside, a new set of choices emerge and lo, the process starts all over again, keeping it fresh, and free of the disappointment that some Premier League football teams suffer. Hello, Aston Villa, can you hear me?

This high-turnover makes for a more inclusive experience. People are free to come and go from supporting an entry on The Voice or X-Factor or Celebrity Big Brother, whereas in Football one is “locked in” to a lifelong deal with a bunch of overpaid Muppets over whom you have no control. At least in reality shows you can vote off the embarrassing, the talentless and the stupid – at Chelsea they make him the captain.

Reality TV; The New Populist Sports

The fact that these reality shows are ridiculously more popular than football should tell you something. One only need look at the viewing figures to notice just how many more people are enjoying these new competitions compared to the old mainstays like Football, and imagine how many will bet on the Voice, X-factor or Big Brother. The Broadcast Audience Research Board has figures for the week ending January 10th 2016 so lets see what we are really talking about.

Well, lets have a look at the football. Four matches, Two FA cup ties and two Premier League matches. The Cup tie on Friday got Match Of The Day Live (the show covering it) an audience of 5.44 million people, the tie shown on Sunday 4.83 million, which is great, especially compared the Premier League games that barely got 1.31 million (Stoke vs Liverpool) and 1.09 million (Everton vs Man City) although the last two suffer from being on a subscription channel.

Now lets look at The Voice on Saturday, 7.87 million. Do you spot the difference? Even Celebrity Big Brother, which is shown each day of the week on exceedingly unhip Channel 5 got anywhere between 1.63 million and 3.12 million. Yes, more people watch CBB on a Saturday night than go to football matches on Saturday afternoon. Welcome to the 21st Century. These then are the new “sports” that people take advantage of UK gambling laws to wager on, and they enjoy more success doing so.

Sure, football will always be popular, boys will (alas) be boys, however it is losing some of its luster as it’s major competitions are just business opportunities, the FIFA leadership are all criminals and some of the teams simply aren’t performing to the standards of which they are capable. Whilst watching Aston Villa choke on its own mediocrity the fall of Chelsea this season has been nothing short of a kick in the balls to supporters who will already be considering placing a bet on the Voice instead.

Bet On The Voice To Be Part Of The Action

Fans of these hapless sides will no doubt still wager upon them, their loyalty blinding them to the ridiculous waste of opportunity this is when the same thrill and a better rate of return can be found on any of the television reality shows. Bet365 offers odds on the Voice UK and with the ability to bet on the judges as well as contestants there is a larger variety of opportunity at much shorter odds, and I’m gambling news coverage alone makes it more fun for anyone to bet upon.

Sheena McHugh - Hollie Barrie battle at The Voice UK 2015

You could’ve bet on this battle (Photo: TellyMIx)

Football might have more individual books, but seriously if you’re betting on how many corners a team are going to get in the second half of a game this Saturday you need to ask your doctor to up your medication dose and place a bet on the Voice instead. You have no control over corners in football, but you could influence your friends, family and Facebook chums to vote against or for a contestant on The Voice. This element of control, however slight, puts you in the midst of the action, able to sway (however minimally) results.

Technology has brought us into the game in a way football can never manage. In football Chelsea sacked its manager despite wholehearted and continued support for him from the fans, the fan’s views were basically ignored, something that can’t and doesn’t happen on reality TV shows where the opinions and views of the fans are all far more important. Will.I.Am and Boy George can do as they damn well like, but if the public don’t like their choices, forget it, they don’t win.

This makes for a far more intense betting experience as you may have to not just put your money where your mouth is, but argue the case for your chosen contestant or judge, putting your mouth where your money is. No one will ever ask you to justify supporting Aston Villa or Chelsea, that would be ridiculous, and do you know why? It’s because there is no justification for supporting Aston Villa or Chelsea, they’re rubbish, and not worth betting on at any odds these days, so don’t be a chump, put a bet on the Voice this weekend and join in with the modern day competitive phenomenon.

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