Bet on the Warcraft III AfreecaTV Leauge – Predictions Based on the Odds

  • The Warcraft III AfreecaTV Leauge Finals are Coming
  • Can anyone surmount the famous Moon?
  • Let's take a closer look together on the betting odds
Bet on the Warcraft III AfreecaTV Leauge
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There are not too many WC3 bets nowadays. However, now, you can bet on the Warcraft III AfreecaTV Leauge Semifinals. The act will take place on the 20th of April (Monday). The Chinese Fortitude will face the Korean Lyn. Based on the predictions, Lyn will easily surmount Fortitude. The other match during the semifinals will be fought by Moon and FocuS. Thus, all the statistics point to that the Finals will be decided between Moon and Lyn, the two Korean phenomenons.

The Warcraft III AfreecaTV Leauge is a Tier 2 WC3: Reforged tournament. The championship is sponsored by AfreecaTV, a Korean streaming platform. The participants are invited by the organizers, there is no other way to qualify for the act. Thus, only the most popular and professional Korean and Chinese players compare their skills. The event has a pretty big prize-pool, ₩ 10,000,000 (that’s around $8.200). The battle for the first place will take place on April 24, and of course, you can watch it on the AfreecaTV.

Even if the event is more about the show than prestige, online sportsbooks in South Korea have already created their wagers on the battle between the best players of the Warcraft III who ever lived.

Based on the Betting Odds Fortitude Doesn’t Have Any Chance

Fortitude is a quite popular Chinese Warcraft III player. Even more, he is notorious because of his betting issues. In 2018 he was banned from the Gold League for a whole year because he placed illegal bets on his matches. However, even if he is a top tier esports player, he will face the very bests. His odds are super high at the 22BET Sportsbook to win the Warcraft III AfreecaTV Leauge Semifinals with a value of 4.3.  His favored race is Human and he is famous for his defensive strategy with a cruel late-game.

If You Bet on the Warcraft III AfreecaTV Leauge Semifinals Pick Lyn

Lyn is one of the bests. He is playing the game on a next level. The only player who can be compared to him is Moon. By the way, this time Fortitude doesn’t have a single chance against him.

He is achieved a lot in Starcraft II as well. Lyn is feared for his punishing early rushes (even in SC2). The odds on that Lyn will win the Warcraft III AfreecaTV Leauge Semifinals against Fortitude are 1.195 at the 22BET Sportsbook.

The Predictions Picture that the Finals Will Be Decided Between Lyn and Moon

The other matchup in the semifinals is Moon vs FoCuS. However, online gambling sites in South Korea didn’t create any wagers on the battle. That’s probably because against Moon it won’t be an exciting match since Moon is the best Warcraft III player on the globe. He has the most earning due to WC3 with more than $575.000. Also, he is in the business for the longest time with his 33 years.

Bet on the Warcraft III AfreecaTV Leauge
Moon is playing with the Night Elves since the very beginnings – Image source: Flickr

Anyhow, Lyn is also an experienced fighter who plays the game since the very beginnings. However, his total earnings are $100.000 less than Moon’s. Both players are Korean, Moon is fighting on the side of the Night Elves while Lyn is strengthening the Orc Hordes. From any point of view, it seems like Moon will be the champion of the finals this year again. The mighty battle will be on the 24th.

In summary, a bet on the Warcraft III AfreecaTV Leauge won’t earn you hundreds since the tall-odd participants are truly behind the leading players. However, if you follow the League a wager gives an extra juice to the show while you are rooting for your favorite.

Click here to visit the 22BET Sportsbook to discover the odds on the Warcraft III AfreecaTV Leauge

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