Rio Carnival 2021 Odds: To Be or Not To Be?

  • The 2021 Carnival in Rio is scheduled for February 12-17
  • Will the celebration take place or it can be canceled?
Rio Carnival 2021 odds

The annual festival in Brazil is traditionally scheduled for next February. We are all waiting for another colorful street party, but will it actually take place? The most recent Rio Carnival 2021 odds show whether there is a reason to save money for the fest or the chance of cancellation of this event is bigger.

The annual Carnival in Rio de Janeiro has always been a long-awaited event. Since the year it was first held, people from all over the globe go to Brazil to witness this fest. This is the biggest street festival in the world and probably the most fascinating one. Every year, dancers in bright costumes, animators, musicians, floats with giant statues, and many other memorable performers invade the streets of the Rio city. However, this is not just a big party as you might have thought.

Rio Carnival 2021 odds
Carnival outfit

The tradition of having a big carnival in Brazil has religious roots. The festival always takes place in February between Friday afternoon before Ash Wednesday and this day at noon. The Rio Carnival marks the beginning of the 40-day pre-Easter period – Lent. Many other Christians from all corners of the world join the festival to celebrate this important period. There are many Brazilian festivals across the country, but the most popular is Rio’s. On average, 2 million people attend this celebration every day! Probably, this location is so popular due to the giant Christ the Redeemer statue located near the city.

This year, the festival took place on February 21-26 and had a magnificent show as always. Fortunately, it was held just in time before every mass event started to get canceled. That’s why 1xBet Sportsbook showed Rio Carnival 2021 odds as it is not still clear whether the party is going to take place next year.

Why is Rio Carnival 2021 odds important now?

The next Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is about to take place on February 12-17, 2021. Although we have to spend ten months waiting for the party, online sportsbooks in Brazil reveal the first predictions about the celebration just in time. But why is it necessary to pay attention to the Rio Carnival 2021 odds now, if there is plenty of time ahead? 

The main reason to bet on the next year’s festival is the total cancellation of big events this year. While mass campaigns in 2020 will be probably all postponed, the 2021 events like the Oscars are still scheduled without a shred of a doubt. 

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