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Posted: February 3, 2023

Updated: February 3, 2023

  • An independent review of the candidates
  • How to bet on the new US Presidential election online
  • How to bet on US 2023 Presidential Election results

We dedicated this article to teaching you how to place a bet on US 2024 Presidential Election results. Therefore, if you are a sportsbook bettor who loves to debate politics. Then this is an essential article for you. We are here to teach you how to master the politics category at online gambling sites in the US. Because there is only one year left before the new election begins. If you are strongly attached to either party, then you need to learn how to bet independently.

Therefore, you should still vote. However, placing a bet is not equal to voting. This is why we recommend you to read our introductory article: How To: Bet on Politics Like A Pro. Furthermore, this article will introduce you to the most likely candidates. We are going to highlight the key value of the topics people will talk about.

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Bet on US 2024 Presidential Election Results

Let’s start the topic by introducing you to online political bets. Therefore, if you wish to bet at the best sportsbook site. We highly recommend you register at Bovada. Because they are the best American sports betting platform for political bets. You will see the odds on Ron DeSantis starting at 2.60, 2.40 for Trump, and 15.00 on Nikki Haley.

However, if you are interested in more variety in the US presidential election 2024 odds. Then we have other recommendations as well. Because it is important to always seek out a legal operator. This is why we have different platform recommendations for different regions;

Trump And Biden 

Bet on US 2024 presidential Election results if you support either of the former or current Presidents. It makes the most sense for us to start the candidate reviews with the already-elected Presidents and former presidents.

And as many people dislike Trump lately, he did announce his new attempt. However, we recommend you take a look at the 2023 Donald Trump bets. Because it seems that even his party seems to stay away from supporting him.

On the other hand, most of the democrats seem to support Joe Biden. This is the main reason why Republicans are in a majority here. While the democrats mostly united to support Biden. We have the Republicans who want to represent the party without supporting Trump.

Ron DeSantis For Equality

We would like to start this review with Ron DeSantis. Because if you wish to bet on US 2024 Presidential Election results today, then he is probably your safest pick. In America, systematic racism has been a huge problem. However, it is undeniable that this problem has been used by a few politicians to take advantage. This is why Ron DeSantis is a breath of fresh air in the education system.

Because he is a Republican who seeks to establish a ban on the Critical Race Theory. In conclusion, he seeks to establish an educational environment where race is no longer taught as a concept. Therefore, everyone will be taught equally. Furthermore, no one will suffer the bad reputation or judgment of the past. However, many would try to twist the intention to hoard votes away from him. He is in the same party as Trump but speaks against him.

Nikki Haley – Bet on US 2024 Presidential Election Results

According to the BBC, Nikki Haley has confirmed to participate in the 2024 presidential elections. Another figure in the era of equality. Nikki Haley represents the person who was first elected as a governor as a minority and a female in South Carolina.

Therefore, she was a much-needed change in the political climate. Furthermore, she has served two years and people did not complain about her. Yet, she is a Republican who worked under the Trump office. However, in later years they had a fall off.

Therefore, it seems that Nikki Haley has learned from the past, and she seeks to establish her narrative. Therefore, she is on a rough quest to establish her own space against Don DeSantis and Trump while also competing against Biden. For bettors, we recommend a minimum-risk bet at Bovada Sportsbook.

Ted Cruz And Liz Cheney

Let’s talk about Ted Cruz and Liz Cheney. Because they are two people who have a great experience. Therefore, they can be considered old faces in the American political scene. However, they also seem to represent a different narrative from Biden and Trump.

According to Politico, Ted Cruz is not against running again. However, he seems to be a bit laid back. Because he states that he might want to avoid the political battlefield right now. This is why we don’t bet on US 2024 Presidential Election results with his name.

While we can resonate with this, a President must always care more for victory than comfort. Furthermore, we have Liz Cheney who would be a perfect female president. However, her media presence and social media opinions seem to undermine her efforts. Therefore, she needs a strong campaign team to have a chance at winning.

Stacy Abrams – Bet on US 2024 Presidential Election Results

We can not press enough that we write this list independently. However, Stacy Abrams is a demand that the world is not prepared for yet. Therefore, we highly believe that there will be a day when Stacy Abrams will receive a chance at becoming the next United States president. However, this year the world is still under the influence of both Democratic social media manipulation, and the old republican false education system.

Therefore, the political climate right now is a messy flower bed. The next President will have to set things right. But eventually, Stacy Abrams would be able to lead the country. Yet, from an independent standpoint, we must say the obvious. She needs to build an entirely new team and campaign, throwing away old ways. The age of physical revolutions is over, she needs to be a voice and not a hand. 2028 would be her year.

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Asa Hutchinson 

Another great politician from the Republican party, Asa Hutchingson would be a perfect candidate. Therefore, he stated that January 6 disqualifies Donald Trump from the GOP. This is probably one of the most powerful statements. Because he believes that he should only run to lessen his chances of winning. Hutchinson is a former Governor of Arkansas. Therefore, he has a good amount of experience when it comes to government.

According to 270 To Win, Missouri has a natural talent for picking winning politicians. And it seems that Missouri is supporting the GOP as well. Therefore, he is a safe pick at Bovada Sportsbook. However, we still recommend betting on Ron DeSantis. Because to place a bet on US 2024 Presidential Election results, is to understand that these politicians compete against each other in the same party.

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