2023 Donald Trump Bets – To Divorce Or Go To Jail


Posted: January 5, 2023

Updated: January 5, 2023

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In this article, we are going to report on the 2023 Donald Trump bets. Because there are even more available. No wonder why, because the conspiracy of January 6 has come to a surface. Therefore, Donald Trump is in deep trouble. Even if he feels like the story is empowering him. A large majority of people want him to be jailed. Furthermore, he is one of the few politicians whose wife doesn’t like to answer the media as the former First-Lady.

However, she was seen smiling at the camera in designer clothes. In conclusion, Trump is not in the best position. However, the online gambling sites in the US make it much more fun. Because if you dislike confusing politics and relationship drama. Then you can still participate in the Trump Twitter Keyword Bingo-Bet. You can bet on what words or terms his first 2023 Tweet will include.

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Donald Trump January 6 Explained

Let’s start with the Elephant in the room. Because the January 6 conspiracy is probably one of the most serious cases when it comes to this article. Therefore, let’s have the 2023 Donald Trump bets explained once you understand the drama. Let us have the Donald Trump 6 explained; According to Mediaite, conspiracy and light evidence suggest that Donald Trump has been conspiring against the riot.

Therefore, he is accused of being the perpetrator of the Capitol attack. Furthermore, it seems that he has been doubling this cash by losing the Presidential Election. In conclusion, people want him to be jailed. For orchestrating aggression and for staining political sides with capitalist intentions.

  • Donald Trump to Take Foreign Citizenship – 6
  • Donald Trump to NOT Take Foreign Citizenship – 1.11
  • Donald Trump Sentenced to Jail – 7
  • Donald Trump NOT Sentenced to Jail – 1.068
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2023 Donald Trump Bets On Divorce

We can see that the support behind Donald Trump is now declining. Therefore, many people assume that this is going to affect his relationship. Because his wife, former First Lady Melania Trump, has been avoiding media attention and only supporting her husband at main events and ceremonies.

However, people assume that once Trump falls, so will his relationship. According to SCMP, we have seen Melania Trump lighting up and even shooting a smile at the paparazzi. Therefore, she was rocking her fresh designer clothes while her husband was in his significant blue suit and red necktie. We believe she is going to stick around with him. This is not his first marriage after all. The 2023 Donald Trump bets on his current marriage go as followers;

  • Donald\Melania Trump to Divorce – 8
  • Donald\Melania Trump to NOT Divorce – 1.05

Don’t Bet On Donald Trump To Be Elected in 2024

Now, this is going to make you either happy or upset. However, we highly recommend you be smart. Therefore, don’t bet on Donald in the 2023 US election. However, we have to highlight that the 2023 Donald Trump bet has nothing to do with politics. Therefore, if you avoid this bet, you can still vote for him. In conclusion, we believe that betting on him is simply a huge risk. Because his election still depends on popularity and the call for demand. And he is no longer going to compete with Joe Biden only.

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Therefore, placing a bet only plays with your wallet. If he ends up winning the elections? Good for him, you still shouldn’t risk your wallet. You can still vote if you’d like. According to the BBC, we have reached the moment where his political party rejects his support request. 

Twitter Bingo – 2023 Donald Trump Bets

If the 2023 Donald Trump bets are confusing you, don’t worry. Bet on whether he will be the next Twitter CEO or not. However, there are even easier bets. For example, you can bet on Donald Trump’s keywords. Therefore, he has been absent from Twitter after Elon Musk banned him. And you can bet on the terms or words his first Tweet is going to include. We must highlight that this only applies to @realdonaldtrump. No matter if the other person used his account.

  • MAGA (Make America Great Again) – 1.08
  • Our Country – 1.15
  • 2024 – 1.17
  • Truth – 1.22
  • Patriot(s) – 1.33
  • Biden – 1.4
  • Elon – 1.5
  • Save America – 1.67
  • Capitol – 1.9
  • Injustice – 2
  • I’m back – 2.25
  • Liberal – 3
  • A storm is upon us – 3.24
  • January 6 – 3.5
  • Greta – 3.74
  • Left – 4
  • White House – 4
  • Russia – 4.5
  • Vote – 4.5

A Guide For The Twitter Keywords

Before we would conclude our 2023 Donald Trump bets. First, let us explain what sort of definitions you should try to bet on. Therefore, first, you should read our Donal Trump Twitter predictions for 2023. However, we believe that he is not going to use names in his first Tweet. Because he was banned for it. However, he will very much use passive words.

Words that are not calling out to anyone, or aren’t pointing towards anything. Therefore, the first Tweet might involve; “I’m back” “Vote” and “Our country”. Furthermore, the Truth, MAGA and SAD! Has the highest chances.

  • Fake news – 5
  • Woke – 5
  • Qatar – 5.5
  • China – 6
  • Rigged – 6
  • Buffalo Bills – 7.5
  • SAD! – 7.5
  • World Cup – 8
  • Haters – 10
  • Gisele – 11
  • Ye\Kanye – 12
  • Snowflakes – 13
  • Disney+ – 15
  • Qanon – 17
  • Covfefe – 19
  • ScoMo – 21
  • MAFS – 41
  • Boland’s got 6 at the G – 51

Online Political Betting Guide

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