Donald Trump Isn’t The Best Bet On The 2024 US Election

  • Donald Trump Hints At Another Run And Bookies Listen
  • Snaffle An Early Bet On The 2024 US Election At Bovada 
  • Kamala Harris Favorite To Get White House in Four Years
Bet on the 2024 US Election

It’s already possible to bet on the 2024 US election. This is a little strange since technically the 2020 election isn’t over yet. Not that the writing isn’t on the wall, it most certainly is. Joe Biden will be confirmed as the winner on December 14th, guaranteed. Which might explain why Donald Trump seems to have already started campaigning for next time. But, will he really come back? So, is it worth backing him at online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada? Or is this more bluster?

I’ll see you in four years.” Said Donald Trump as if the last four years were an endorsement of his stable genius. Despite having convincingly lost the 2020 election, it appears Donald will run again. This might seem a little counter-intuitive given his performance in the role. He seems to have spent most of his time playing golf and lying to people. However, you can, if you wish, take advantage of the odds on Donald Trump for a bet on the 2024 election. Just don’t expect to win.

Kamala Harris is a far better bet on the 2024 US election. Indeed, there is now the unlikely but almost mouthwatering prospect of Trump vs Harris in four years. That will be a political battle like no other in US history. It’ll make this election look positively pedestrian. Which I suppose, given Joe Biden’s recent foot injury, is just as well. The odds on Kamala Harris at online betting sites in the US like Bovada are pretty good already. You can expect them to improve with time.

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Don’t Bet On US Politics To Take Trump Back Again

This is partly because she’s an able, effective politician, but mostly because another Trump run will tear the GOP apart. Many inside the Republican Party worry his divisive rhetoric leads away from the center ground where elections dwell. You can bet on the Georgia Senate runoff election to be all about that middle ground. But does that mean they’ll put up a candidate against him? Will Nikki Haley get their nomination instead? Is she a better bet on the 2024 US election?

2024 US Election Odds

  • Andrew Cuomo – 50/1
  • Tucker Carlson – 33/1
  • Dwayne Johnson – 28/1
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – 25/1
  • Mike Pence – 14/1
  • Nikki Haley – 12/1
  • Donald Trump – 6/1
  • Joe Biden – 9/2
  • Kamala Harris – 7/2
  • See more odds at Bovada…

Some Republicans think so. A Kamala/Haley battle would be a very different beast from Trump versus anyone. The question is will Nikki run if Trump throws his hat in the ring? And if not her, who? Anyone in the US gambling laws of common sense would see their best and brightest run for the job should think again. Against the bombast of the Trump juggernaut, they’d not stand a chance. Not that he’s the perfect bet on the 2024 US election. Four years is a lifetime in politics. 

Bet on the 2024 US Election
Kamala Harris – Image source: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Get Your Bet On The 2024 US Election At Bovada 

The Biden administration might discuss hearings and investigations right now, but give them time. Once Donald Trump is out of office, he could well face legal jeopardy that would prevent him running again. If you bet on the 2024 US election do bear that in mind. That’s why a bet on Kamala Harris is probably more sensible. No one thinks Joe will run again. Not even Joe. You can bet on the Democrats sighing in relief at that. Frankly, they’d all prefer Kamala Harris too.

We have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election”

  • William Barr – US Attorney General 

Naturally, you can bet on the Republicans to attempt some degree of centrist mellowing in the next two years. Everyone will bet on the Midterms to involve less drama. If, of course, the GOP can resist the allure of the politics of Donald Trump and the extreme right. If not, and perhaps they’ve gone too deep to get back, maybe he will run again. Which, I suppose, will make a bet on the 2024 US election at Bovada more interesting than a bet on sports in the US right now. 

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It might seem too early for a bet on the 2024 US election but the bookies are already offering odds on the probable, possible and unlikely candidates.

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