Bet on US Politics on the Next Level: Bet on Trump’s Manhood!

Donald Trump Manhood Size Betting

If you enjoy political betting mixed with a bit of novelty betting, or more like tabloid betting, then Paddy Power’s new betting market is your perfect choice…

If you enjoy reading tabloid news instead of online gambling news in the USA, then Paddy Power is the perfect place where you should gamble: private life, details about famous people’s sex life, bet on Trump’s manhood-size? Check-check-check! You have it all at the famous online sportsbook, all you have left to do is log in and choose “political betting” to find the place where you can bet on Trump’s manhood.

Do you believe him?

Probably everyone has heard about one of his famous comments on his penis size. Ever since the internet has been talking about whether or not he has said the truth. As known, he said there was no problem with his hands or any other parts of his body being too small as a reply to a comment from Ted Cruz, who stated “Trump’s hands are small so something else must be small too…”

That’s how US politics works lately: just talk about stupid thing and you get the media attention that you seek so hard to get. However, it is one thing what Donald Trump has been saying, and yet another of what the truth is. It wouldn’t be the first time to lie from the Republican pop star.

Measuring Tape

Nobody dares find out the truth…

And following that path, maybe it could sound like a good idea to bet on Trump’s manhood being no bigger than 4 inches. That goes for 51.00 (50/1) odds at Paddy Power and at least we would find out what he has to compensate about his infamous and intolerable comments that he makes 2-3 times a day. Yet it’s pretty humiliating to bet on penis sizes as if it was betting on sports, but oh well…

According to the odds, the best bet on Trump’s manhood is between 7-8 inches as the odds for this size are 3.75 (11/4). Just a bit less likely bet that he really says the truth and he is at least 9 inches. That goes for 4.00 (3/1). Whatever the case is we can only hope that US political betting will not continue on this path. It is awkward enough already, we don’t need any other comments from Trump about himself.

Stake is returned upon lack of information…

Paddy Power is really generous when it comes to betting on famous people’s genitalia: if there will be no official report on Donald Trump’s manhood by the end of 2016, all stakes will be returned as if the bet on Trump’s manhood hadn’t even happened. That’s a pretty cool thing to do and well, let’s hope that this is what is going to happen and nothing else.

If you want to learn more about the place where you can bet on US politics, make some novelty betting at the same time while reading about people’s private life in a tabloid style, check out our Paddy Power review, join one of the most famous online sportsbooks in the USA and keep on searching the size. Maybe you will get to see another betting market on other people’s manhood sizes…

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