Bet on Wolfson History Prize to be Won by Prashant Kidambi’s Cricket Country

  • The Prize will be announced on at a virtual ceremony on June 15
  • The Five by Hallie Rubenhold is the favorite
  • If you are a cricket fan Kidambi’d book is the best choice to read
Bet on Wolfson History Prize

The winner of a prestigious book award The Wolfson Prize will be announced on June 15 at a virtual ceremony. Six authors who published factual history books last year are in the contest. Although bookmakers favor The Five by Hallie Rubenhold, Cricket Country by Prashant Kidambi might be the best bet on Wolfson History Prize.

The award by the Wolfson Foundation will likely go this year for a non-fiction book with a global focus. Five of the six titles explore non-British history. Each shortlisted author will receive £4000 and the winner will get £40,000. The award aims to recognize the books brimming with brilliance and breaking new grounds in our understanding of past societies across the globe.

As a history lover, you can place a bet on Wolfson History Prize, with best odds available at 22BET Sportsbook. You may check out our review about 22BET Sportsbook as one of the best online sportsbooks in the United Kingdom before choosing your favorite. The Five by Hallie Rubenhold is among the frontrunners. But, Cricket Country by Prashant Kidambi is more intriguing especially for its groundbreaking stories about the history of Anglo-Indian relations.

Cricket Country by Prashant Kidambi

Cricket is a nationwide obsession in India and there is a patriotic pride of the national team in the country. Accordingly, the Associate Professor at the University of Leicester Prashant Kidambi looks into the history of the Indian cricket team, and how it started during the British Raj. He provides the untold history of the first all India cricket team. The book is very interesting and educational for all fans of the sport no matter where they are. If you wish to place a bet on Wolfson History Prize to go to Cricket Country, the odds value 81/25 at 22BET Sportsbook.

Chaucer by Marion Turner

Marion Turner an Associate Professor at the University of Oxford shines provides a biography of the English writer and poet of The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer. She sheds the light on the European influences that shaped the life and work of Chaucer. It follows Chaucer’s adventures, how he moved to Florence was a prisoner of war, a member of the British Parliament, and a diplomat in Milan. If you are impressed with Chaucer’s colorful life the odds stand at 7/1.

A Fistful of Shells by Toby Green

Toby Green a Senior Lecturer at King’s College London looks into African history. He highlights how Africa was always connected with the rest of the world. His book tells stories of art, praise-singers, oral history, and archeology. Interestingly the shells in the title of the book refer to the cowrie shells from the Maldives and the nzimbu shells from Brazil. The shells were used as currency. At 22BET Sportsbook, the odds are 13/2 for the book to win the prize.

Bet on Wolfson History Prize
David Abulafia in 2010 – Image source: Holbergprisen / CC BY via Wikimedia  Commons

A History of the Bible by John Barton

Well, the title can say it all. The book is about the Bible, explaining how it came to be constructed. It also talks about how the Bible has been interpreted differently in Judaism and Christianity from Antiquity to modern times. Thus, if you think the author deserves to win the prize his odds are 5/1.

The Boundless by David Abulafia

This book by an Emeritus Professor of Mediterranean History at the University of Cambridge has a unique feature. It tries to put the ocean into a historical context. It tells the story of how the sea routes were discovered then frequented. How sailors, merchants, pirates, and explorers have chosen to live at sea. And how the narrative of this relationship between mankind and the seas can avoid the eurocentric approach. Thus, the book is rightfully among the frontrunners with 3/2 odds.

The Five by Hallie Rubenhold

The top favorite by the bookmakers is a book about Jack the Ripper a murder mystery written by a social historian. The book reframes the narrative, by shifting the focus to the victims and their lives. Thus, it focuses on the untold lives of Polly, Annie, Elizabeth, Catherine, and Mary Jane. If you are a fan of true crimes this book might be very interesting and it values 19/20 odds.

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