Essential Gambling Etiquette Rules: Behave yourself


Posted: May 18, 2020

Updated: May 18, 2020

  • Have you ever been to a luxurious casino like in Hollywood movies?
  • If not, the first thing you need to do is to study the essential gambling etiquette rules.

Not everyone can boast that one is a frequent guest in land-based gambling establishments. Moreover, some players have seen the luxurious casino halls only in Hollywood films. Therefore, before visiting a casino, you should study the essential gambling etiquette rules. And we are talking not only about generally accepted etiquette and behavior at gambling tables. Being aware, you do not risk to leave an unpleasant impression about yourself with the administration and other players.

Even online gambling sites in the USA have certain rules of behavior for their customers. But in land-based casinos, it’s not enough to look decent and behave properly when entering a casino. The initial requirements for the visitor for this kind of institution are much more serious. Thus, if you once decide to go offline, you need to get ready properly. Well, good for you, we are here to help!

Essential gambling etiquette rule: Dress-code

Historically, in respectable casinos, it is customary to wear only evening dresses. However, nowadays the rules are not so strict. But if you want to visit an elite luxurious casino, you need to look according to the occasion. Your elegant look will help to pass face control and will allow you to feel confident and comfortable. Gradually even old respectable casinos are reconsidering one of these essential gambling etiquette rules. Therefore, they somehow change their attitude toward the appearance of the players. It happens due to changes in the lifestyle of modern society. Today, a lot of rich people dress modestly so as not to advertise their wealth and not attract too much attention.

Essential Gambling Etiquette Rules
Dress sharp!

Casino Rules: Enterance and face-control

Even though very modestly dressed people are allowed into the casino today, your posture and a confident look will not hurt. All visitors at the entrance to the gambling house are screened. And we are not talking about searching and turning out your pockets. But you will need to “inspire confidence” in your security and go through a metal detector. Experienced security personnel evaluates the behavior, appearance, and condition of a person. Their task is not to miss the scammers and thieves. This is one of the most essential gambling etiquette rules.

Only people who have reached a certain age legal for gambling in a specific country can proceed to the slots and tables. Therefore, do not forget any type of your ID (passport, driving license, etc.) Besides, visitors in a state of strong alcoholic or drug intoxication are not allowed in the hall. Oversized items, such as suitcases and umbrellas, as well as strong-smelling substances (perfumes, sprays, deodorants, hair sprays, etc.) you will have to leave in the storage room. Usually, without permission from the casino, it is forbidden to photograph and shoot videos. If you want to capture your victory, it is worth checking with the administrator if you can do this.

Basic essential gambling etiquette rules

The gambling house has generally accepted etiquette rules. You need to be polite towards the dealer, other casino employees, and players. It is not allowed to put large items on the table. This interferes with the dealer and the players and violates the safety rules of the gambling house. Besides, the absence of booze and snacks at the table is required. Spilled drinks can ruin the mood and atmosphere of the game. In most casinos, it is forbidden to use mobile gadgets during the game. However, due to the peculiarities of modern life, the administration most often turns a blind eye to smartphones.

Essential Gambling Etiquette Rules
Get your etiquette right!

Also, do not forget that players should seat at tables specially designated for them. You can not go over to the side of the dealer. It is not only a sign of bad taste but also a risk of being reprimanded by the security guard. In our article How to Behave in a Casino – Casino Etiquette for Dummies, you can find some other essential gambling etiquette rules. And we want to pay your attention to the peculiarities of different types of games:

Rules of conduct in card games

  • If the game involves the distribution of cards face-up, you can not touch them until the dealer allows you.
  • When the cards are dealt face-down, it is customary to take from one hand.
  • Cards require careful handling: you can not bend their corners, damage the picture, use as coasters for glasses, and cigars.
  • Some games have a special gesture system. Before you enter the game, you should familiarize yourself with it so that you do not distract or annoy others with the questions during the gameplay.
  • Any profanity, rude gestures, punching the table, and other manifestations of restraint are strictly forbidden.

Casino roulette rules

  • It’s not customary to place your chips in all 36 game cells, so as not to miss luck. According to the essential gambling etiquette, the maximum bet is a transversal (horizontal on 6 cells).
  • You should place chips carefully to avoid confusion and inappropriate showdowns. It is customary not to drop them, but to move them so as not to interfere with other players.
  • Also, you should place bets immediately after the dealer launches the ball. Do not pull: even when the ball slows down, it is impossible to calculate the place where it stops. Moreover, delays annoy the dealer and the players and get the attention of the guard.
  • After the words: “Bets are made,” placing chips on the table is prohibited.
  • It is impolite to distract the dealer and players with empty talk or ask for advice. If you require some clarification, politely and not very loudly ask the dealer when one will be free. His responsibilities include clarifying the rules of the game, but not entertaining the participants.

Essential rules of playing Dice

  • It is customary to roll the dice so that they bounce off the opposite wall of the table. In this way, random numbers will fall out.
  • The game often leads the participants to an excited state, but you should be restrained. Therefore, do not yell at the croupier, do not throw dice on the floor, and do not insult the players. Self-control is accompanied by luck!

Rules for playing slot machines

  • Having chosen a slot machine room for yourself, take only one place. Playing on several machines at once, you will not increase the chances of victory. However, it will cause dissatisfaction with other visitors.
  • Taking a place at the machine, do not politely leave for a long time. And if you need to move away, just leave the jacket on the back of the chair or the bowl for chips upside down on the machine. It means that the machine is busy and the player will be back soon.
  • If smoking is allowed in the room, use an ashtray. If not, go to designated smoking areas.

Essential gambling etiquette for contact with other players and staff

Essential Gambling Etiquette Rules
Be nice!

We have already noted that it is not necessary to distract the players and the dealer with empty talk. But still, let us dwell on this moment in more detail and clarify what else you need to know when visiting gambling establishments:

  • In the past, tipping the croupier was always a good thing, but today you cannot do it in all casinos. In order not to look impolite, read our Gambling Tipping Rules article.
  • It is considered impolitely to ask players for advice. The same applies to the dealer. You need to make your decisions independently.
  • The casino rules do not prohibit communication with the dealer. However, most often one is busy organizing the game and simply does not have the opportunity to maintain small talk. The croupier leads the game and clarifies the rules, but does not entertain the players
  • If you want to take the place of a gambler who leaves the table, be sure to ask if he is going to return and continue the game.
  • Finally, before you start the game, make sure that you are familiar with its rules.

Compliance with all the above recommendations and the essential gambling etiquette rules will avoid oversights and prevent ridiculous mistakes. And remember that cultural behavior and courtesy are always important! They contribute to creating a comfortable environment in which it is pleasant to play and win.

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