Bet On Fashion: New Trends Of The 2020 Season


Posted: May 18, 2020

Updated: May 18, 2020

  • The 2020 fashion season has already begun and you still don’t know what to wear?
  • We have gathered all the latest trends of the year that will help you stay glamorous.
  • Besides, in this article, you will find out how to influence the trends and bet on fashion.

The 2020 fashion season has already begun and you still don’t know what to wear? Well, we are here to save you! In this article, we have gathered all the latest trends of the year that will help you stay glamorous 24/7: colors, textures, shapes, and much more. Besides, you will find out how to influence the trends and bet on fashion. Are you already excited about it? Then let’s get it started!

2020 fashion trends for women

This year fashion trends will become a good continuation of the previous season. Therefore, there are no significant deviations in the new collections. Instead, we saw that designers continue to develop their style and draw inspiration from similar sources. One of the main inspirers of new trends was climate change. Thus, both large fashion houses and small brands began to work to reduce carbon emissions and recycle materials.

However, this season will be not as post-apocalyptic as the previous one. You can bet on fashion because designers switched to more positive topics. We really liked the ball gowns with incredibly large skirts, the return of summer floral dresses, and the predominance of frills. We caught some trends that, in our opinion, will easily enter the mainstream: lace and crochet, shorts or loose pants for hot weather. As well as fashion trends of the spring inspired by the 70s, such as disco-collars, flared pants or vests. Don’t you have any ideas on how to combine all this? Then it’s high time to read our Milan Fashion Week: Dressing for the Casino Through the Ages article. Get the inspiration and stay in fashion!

Bet On Fashion
What’s the new trend going to be?

No need to bet on colors in 2020 women fashion

Each season, the Pantone Color Institute team makes a list of the most relevant color solutions so, in this case, we cannot bet on fashion. This year, the focus was on both bright shades of red, blue and orange, and the muted colors of yellow or blue. Besides, in 2020, there will be no simplicity in the color scheme: Mango Mojito, Toffee, some dark shades of green. Although at first glance, they return us to autumn,  it is impossible to deny their refined charm! One of the leaders of the season is yellow, or rather its shades: golden aspen, turmeric, lemon. Yellow is a cheerful unisex color; it is best able to “warm-up” the cold shades of the coming summer. Another palette of shades will be in the lead next season. These are various pink tones, including purplish pink and coral.

2020 fashion trends for men

Men’s fashion is a no less important area of ​​the fashion industry than fashion for women in all its manifestations. The modern world of fashion offers very interesting trends that will help the stronger sex always look excellent. Today it’s unlikely to surprise someone with shocking masculine looks. We are already used to unusual prints in the men’s wardrobe, vivid color solutions, as well as outstanding silhouettes of men’s clothing.

It is important to note the fact that men’s fashion has become less masculine. Thus, more and more things in the men’s wardrobe are reminiscent of clothing borrowed from women. This is a leopard or floral print, short shorts, men’s dresses, bags for men over the shoulder, which very much resemble fashionable female counterparts. An integral element of men’s wardrobe today is a trendy trouser suit that looks great not only in the office. Current trends of men’s clothing 2020-2021 allow men to choose stylish suits every day, in which they can feel comfortable and at the same time look perfect. In our article about The Most Stylish Footballers, you can find other relevant information that can help you be in fashion.

Colors in 2020 men fashion

Choosing a wardrobe color palette, men should focus not only on fashion trends but also on their own age and status. Fortunately, the 2020 season is represented by a fairly wide color palette. Thus, various shades of brown from the darkest to the most delicate caramel are very relevant. Images in brown colors look restrained and at the same time respectable. Besides, you can dilute the image a little with the help of light colors (shirts, trousers, vests). Moreover, all kinds of shades of noble and deep blue are no less relevant. Jackets and trousers in dark blue are organically combined with both light elements of the wardrobe and darker ones. The universal and practical blue color is a great option for everyday men’s clothing. Another fashionable shade was the “caramel iris”. Clothing in this color design is ideally complemented by suede or velveteen accessories.

Bet On Fashion
Bet on everyday clothing!

Bet on fashion: Royal outfits

Have you thought about betting on fashion? Does it seem weird for you? Well, you just haven’t read our Strange and Weird Sports Bets From Around The World article. Online sportsbooks in the UK have established a new tradition to bet on the wedding dress every time someone from their royals gets married. In 2011, the lucky ones who managed to predict the month of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton earned a total of more than £ 100,000. Indeed, bookmakers accepted bets on the royal wedding in several categories. Gamblers were offered to guess which dress and shoes Kate Middleton would choose for the ceremony. Moreover, people could bet on the color of a hat that the Queen would wear to her grandson’s wedding.

This year Prince Andrew’s eldest daughter, Beatrice, will marry her fiancé. Thus, the fans of the British crown have already begun to bet on her appearance. Princess Beatrice’s wedding dress is the main subject of the discussion. The royal family announced that the ceremony itself will be postponed due to the current situation in the world. Therefore, you have a chance to make your bet on fashion at 1xBET Sportsbook. We have gathered all the latest Princess Beatrice Wedding Outfit Predictions so the only thing you have to do is to win the money!

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