Should You Bet on Pewdiepie to Reach 68 Million Subscribers by January 1st?

For the few and far between us who don’t know the name Pewdiepie, he is the name front-paging YouTube. But is it really wise to bet on Pewdiepie to reach 68.5 million subscribers by January next year?

PewDiePie to reach 68 million subscribers

December 2010: Pewdiepie has just reached 100 views. A huge cause for celebration over a humble game of Call Of Duty. This was back before all hundred of those fans had a face to put too the name. Now we fast-forward 7 years and the same man has a following of 63,600,000. Although his number of subscribers is huge, can he make it to 68,500,000 by 2019?

Who is Pewdiepie?

Pewds is YouTube’s biggest sensation, personality and, on occasion, focus of scandal. He started out making basic gaming videos gaming steady and consistent popularity however it was when he drew on his personality that his views skyrocketed. Now he is a near on household name. It’s crazy to think that he has a net worth of $20 when in 2011 he was barely making enough money to eat.

Plummets in the Pewds appeal

On January the 12th last year, Pewdiepie created some controversies over alleged anti-Semitic comments. He had found an unorthodox business that would write any message an individual chose and unveil it in the jungle.  Although what he chose as his message was of course unacceptable, his humor has always focused on the risqué especially when critiquing the legitimacy of all corners of life’s grand tapestry.

The Wall Street Journal obviously leapt on this opportunity as an easy article, making weak and wild references to a desperate narrative that they were trying to create. His subscribers dropped by 300,000 but by the next day he had gained 200,000 more.

Statistically speaking

The last 30 days prove to be a promising model, especially when they yield an increase in subscription rate from June last year. Pewdiepie’s number of subscribers has increased at an average rate of 24005 per day. If this trajectory remains true throughout the year then come 2019, he will have just under 68,200,000 subscriptions.    

We should not assume this estimation to be correct as it is only based on the last 30 days however when looking at month-by-month trends, the tendency is a drop in subscription rate September through to November, the most major peak’s happening in January and July, we can denounce our last figure as gross overestimation.

Fear of the plateau

A big question on the lips of a skeptical gambler is will Pewdiepie subscriptions peak or plateau. The market of YouTube is finite by its very nature moreover Pewdiepie has drawn on the majority of material and content he can to reach new followers. Internet gambling sites in the USA predict that pewdiepie is reaching peak subscriptions.

Bet on Pewdiepie to reach below 68.5 million subscribers by January 1st 2019

Unfortunately, for Pewdiepie the statistics have spoken and the chances of a Pewds plateau become greater still. What he has accomplished to date is outstanding, setting records and aspirations for YouTuber’s everywhere to follow. Online sportsbook bonuses sites in United States  say that a bet on Pewdiepie to reach less than 68.5 million subscribers before next year is barely a gamble, especially with odds at 1.83 at 1xBET Sportsbook.

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