What Are the LeBron James Transfer Odds?

The fate of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ superstar will be revealed sooner rather than later. As a quick look at the official LeBron James transfer odds, offered by online betting sites in the UK, confirms, the majority of NBA experts think that he will change clubs.

LeBron James transfer odds

Of course, there are many factors influencing the superstar’s free agent situation. After reviewing them, we see the following teams to be LeBron James’s most likely options.

Cleveland Cavaliers (3/1)

There are some rumors that contradict the official LeBron James transfer odds. According to these sources, James is considering staying with the Cavs. He is not unhappy at Cleveland and has been mostly loyal to his home state, leaving it to play for Miami Heat between 2010 and 2014 but returning after four seasons. He will probably re-sign again if the Cavs make a favorable offer.

Cleveland is, of course, hard at work to make staying with them the most tempting option for James: they are negotiating with the Charlotte Hornets for a deal for Kemba Walker. They have also made inquires about the Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard, a player James reportedly wants to play with.

However, the San Antonio Spurs have made it clear that they want to keep Leonard, which is why they are also seen as a potential destination for James. Online sportsbook sites in the UK suggest that the Spurs are underdogs in the race for King James but still stand a realistic chance of enlisting him (14/1).

LeBron James at the Cavs

Houston Rockets (5/1)

Speaking of players James wants to play with, the Rockets have his best friend, Chris Paul, in their ranks. Joining that team could also prove advantageous in a financial sense as there is no state income tax in Texas. Houston came close to beating this season’s champions, the Golden State Warriors: compare their 3-4 defeat to Cleveland’s 0-4 loss to Kevin Durant and co. If a championship title is the priority for James, he will strongly consider the Rockets.

Los Angeles Lakers (17/20)

The official James LeBron transfer odds strongly favor the Lakers. Fans have been keeping their fingers crossed for a long time that they would see a Lakers jersey on James. This may come true this season, as the Lakers have freed up a huge amount of cap space.

While the Philadelphia 76ers also have good cap space (and are thus the bookies’ second favorite at 5/2 betting odds), the Lakers may be even more tempting for James, whose family lives in the L.A. area. There are also rumors that LeBron James has told Chris Paul that he wants to transfer to the Lakers. Considering the high salary James could expect there, this is indeed a very likely scenario.

Exploit the LeBron James transfer odds

What is your take on the accuracy of the LeBron James transfer odds? Do you think he will play for the Lakers in the 2018-19 season or are you predicting another team? You have until November 1 to place your bet on the team of your choice at Unibet Sportsbook.

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