Bet on Sing! China 2018: Who Will the Winner’s Mentor Be?

All four mentors of Sing! China 2018 have recently been announced. Although we have no way of knowing the contestants yet, we can still bet on Sing! China 2018 with the winner’s mentor!

Harlem Yu Sing! China 2018
Bet on Harlem Yu to win Sing! China 2018!

UPDATE 08.10.2018:

The winner of Sing! China, Season 3, is Tenzin Nyima 旦增尼玛 of Team Li Jian.

Sing! China aims to find new singing talents from the public. Three phases govern the competition: blind audition, battle phase and live performance shows. Finally, the winner will be decided by public vote and also the media judging panel. Sounds familiar? That’s because it’s a rebranded version of The Voice!

A mentor or a coach’s roles are to critique and guide the contestants to win the singing competition. According to online gambling news site in China, there will be no female coaches in the third season of Sing! China. The four mentors are Li Jian, Nicholas Tse, Jay Chou and Harlem Yu.

Zhejiang Television will start airing the show on July 13 until October 5, 2018. Meanwhile, we can break down the winner’s mentor into new and old faces. Here are the betting odds for Sing! China 2018.

1. Li Jian

Perhaps, the most anticipated new mentor is Li Jian. He was supposed to be a singing coach on another show, but got cancelled in the last minute. Now that Li Jian is confirmed to be in Sing! China 2018, fans are excited to see his coaching skills.

The odds for Li Jian to be Sing! China 2018 winner’s mentor are at 5.00. They are not the best odds. However, we have glimpsed a big potential in him when he was an advisor to Team Na Ying in The Voice of China season 4.

2. Nicholas Tse

Sing! China 2018’s other new face for a mentor is Nicholas Tse. He has been a famous singer since a young age. As a musician, actor and a cook, this show marks Nicholas Tse’s return to the singing world from his cooking endeavours. For betting on Sing! China 2018, online gambling sites in China predict 4.50 odds for Nicholas Tse to be the winner’s mentor.

3. Jay Chou

He is the only returning mentor from Sing! China season 2. At 2.30, online betting sites in China estimate best odds for Jay Chou to become the winner’s mentor of season 3. Even though Team Jay did not win the previous 2 seasons, singers in his team like Nathan Hartono and Joanna Dong was the runner-up and second runner-up. If you think Jay Chou will finally breakthrough this year, choose him as your bet on Sing! China 2018.

4. Harlem Yu

Harlem Yu is another familiar face. He was Sing! China season 1’s mentor. At that time though, Harlem Yu did not produce a winner. The Sing! China 2018 betting odds for him are at 3.40 to become the winner’s mentor. This is second best to Jay Chou. Harlem Yu is considered to have an eye for musical talents as is seen from his investments in a music studio and live music club.

Bet on Sing! China 2018 with the Winner’s Mentor

The ones with coaching experiences are the bookies’ favourite to be Sing! China 2018 winner’s mentor. They are Jay Chou (2.30) and Harlem Yu (3.40). However, we should not be too fast to judge Li Jian (5.00) and Nicholas Tse (4.50). We have yet to see their mentoring abilities. If you want to wager now, head to 1xBet Sportsbook for plenty of novelty bets!

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