Bet on Street Fighter V CapCom Cup 2017

Bet on Street Fighter V CapCom Cup

Do you have doubts to bet on classic fight ring, since it began losing popularity in the digital age? Then, we advise you to start following eSport fighting majors. Use this week end show at PlayStation Experience in Anaheim, California to start your journey, and you may decide to bet on Street Fighter V CapCom Cup 2017.

This is the second year featuring Street Fighter 5 game. It has been played professionally around the world at Capcom Pro Tour. The season is coming to an end with a major competition scheduled for December 8-10, comprising 32 qualified players. Although the Capcom Cup 2016 champion “NuckleDu” Dang pulled out at the last minute, this year’s end show is expected to be intense. We will give you a hand to choose the potential winner, so you can conveniently bet on Street Fighter V Capcom Cup final.

CapCom Cup 2017 Finals Full of Surprises!

Online betting sites in United States largely expected Liquid|NuckleDu to successfully retain his 2016 world championship title, before he strikingly announced on twitter that he most likely wouldn’t be attending CapCom Cup this year. The Capcom Cup 2016 runner-up Ricki Ortiz will be taking Dang’s spot to defend the title. Ortiz has been struggling this season to match her previous achievements, so we certainly do not recommend betting on her to reach the final or be the winner.

However, Capcom Cup 2016 showed us that you can’t take anything for certain. Many players were thought to get into top 8 were knocked out early. All of Korea’s RZR|Infiltration, Japan’s Tokido and BST|Diago Umehara seemed unstoppable early 2016 season, while they were all defeated in their first round of Capcom Cup 2016. This season RZR|Infiltration was not even qualified, while Tokido is the second top player. So who may reach the final and be the winner?

Bet on Street Fighter V CapCom Cup Winner Punk

Bet on Street Fighter V

Kazunoko (source: Capcom Pro Tour )

In the latest review at Vbet Sportsbook the Capcom Cup 2015 champion Kazunoko is a potential candidate falling behind his fellow countryman Haitani with odds standing at 11.00, while the latter’s odds are 10.00. It seems likely they will clash again this year after their match in loser’s finals last season, which ended 3-0 in favorite of Kazunoko.

However this year USA’s Victor “Punk” Woodley is on the rise and he is certainly a potential champion, sitting on top of the 2017 season global ranking. He had his attempt last year but he was badly defeated by Tokido and subsequently eliminated by the champion NuckleDu. According to online betting sites in United States He will reach the final and probably be the Capcom Cup 2017 champion.
(H2) Japan’s Tokido and USA’s Punk in the Final!
If you visit Vbet Sportsbook you can notice that there is a chance to bet not only on who will reach the Capcom Cup 2017 final, but also on the winner and the region of winner. If you want to choose the grand final rivals we recommend Punk vs. Tokido.

About the region of the winner it will probably be either Japan or USA. Japan has the favorite odds at Vbet Sportsbook. Yet, it is very difficult to pick Japan while remembering last year’s dramatic turnout of all-American Grand Final, while not many would have foreseen that Japan would lose before reaching the Grand Final. We recommend you to dare choosing USA if you would like to make it more exciting.

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