Bet on Tennis Retirements in 2019: Federer, Nadal, Murray and More

The odds are 2.00 on Sharapova to retire this year. While she’s expected to say goodbye to fans in a short amount of time, other legends, like Federer and Nadal could be reaching the end of their careers soon. Here are some of the greatest tennis players to retire in 2019.

Tennis retirements 2019
Federer is one of the most likely tennis legends to retire in 2019

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Roger Federer 1.91
Maria Sharapova 2.00
Rafael Nadal 3.50
Andy Murray 4.50
Novak Djokovic 15.00

There are some great tennis legends in their 30s who have to deal with serious injuries day by day. Most of them have won everything they’ve wanted, but they’re still hungry for success. The question is, whether their body will let them continue their careers. Here are five tennis legends who are expected to retire in the near future – possibly in 2019.

Sharapova’s agent gave strong hints about her retirement

Betting odds on Maria Sharapova
Sharapova could say goodbye at the end of the year

Sharapova is one of the most likely tennis legends to retire in 2019, her odds are 2.00. Former top 10 player Andrei Chesnokov claims that he heard Sharapova’s agent talking about her retirement. “I heard that Masha’s agent Max Eisenbud gave strong hints that she could retire after the next season” – he said. Whatever happens, Sharapova has become a true tennis legend by now with an amazing career to look back at.

Federer claims he’s looking forward to retire

Federer has been a pro for more than 20 years now, and retirement is getting closer and closer for him. He’s already 37, planning his future after his tennis-years. “I’m looking forward to it actually,” – Federer said. “I have a great group of friends around me. In particularly my wife and parents are amazing so I always know I’ll be fine once I retire and when I’m home.”  Online sportsbook sites in Switzerland believe that it’s quite likely that he’ll announce his retirement this year. The odds on that are 1.91.

Even Nadal has an expiration date

“Everything has an expiration date”

– said Rafael Nadal reportedly to his uncle Toni. According to the Express, Nadal wants to continue his career until he’s physically able to. However, injuries aren’t avoiding the tennis legend. In November he’s had an ankle surgery, and he’s having problems with his knees as well. This could be the last year of his career – the odds are 3.5 on him to retire in 2019.

Murray’s dealing with injuries, Djokovic was considering retirement last year

There are many other tennis players to retire in 2019. Andy Murray have admitted that he’s been thinking about retirement last year. If his hip doesn’t get better he’ll probably have to stop playing this year. The odds on that are 4.5 at 1xBet Sportsbook. Novak Djokovic’s odds are 15 – he’s had some tough times last year, but he’s desperate to continue and get his form back. Whenever he’s retiring, tennis fans are never going to forget him.

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