Bet on the Ukrainian parliamentary election 2019

A bet on the Ukrainian presidential election can be of great payoff, especially when assessing the candidate’s public image.

Petro Poroshenko Donald Trump
Poroshenko with Trump. How long will they stay in office?

Political betting can be hard to gauge at the best of times but thankfully when placing a bet on the Ukrainian presidential election, life becomes a slight easier. There is one candidate for clear success despite her measurable flaws.    

The political situation in Ukraine is turbulent to say the least, with one candidate previous imprisoned for embezzlement, the current president on the panama papers and a third maintaining friendships with business men of questionable morality. Despite the fractures of a post soviet political system the opinion polls are in and public favorites are starting to form in efforts to save a fragile government.

Yulia Tymoshenko (3.40)

She has lead Ukraine twice before as prime minister moreover made a strong impact in the department of fuel and energy, greatly improving the Ukrainian economy and legitimate taxation of energy companies. Despite this impressive resume, she spent three years in prison for abuse of power and embezzlement.

Now she is campaigning to rule for the third time and is winning the marginal opinion polls with increasing support. Recently she went live on Facebook for a live questioning from the public’s comments; An inspired way to truly connect with the people.  Internet sportsbook news in Ukraine claim a bet on Tymoshenko is an opportunity to yield a profit when you bet on the Ukrainian presidential elections.

Petro Poroshenko (4.20)

The current president may have his work cut out with the war in Donbass however trying to bring about martial law has brought him widespread unpopularity. It is well known that he appeared in the Panama papers. This is not unusual for a billionaire but since his efforts attempting to tackle corruption in the state one is left with the lingering hint of hypocrisy.  He is losing popularity in the polls and in office.

Yuriy Boyko (5.30)

Boyko is a family man who is the force behind the current department of fuel and energy. Despite this façade of genuinity, he maintains a close relationship with Dmytro Firtash, a notorious and controversial businessman. His recent surge in the polls is most likely a handshake of ex Poroshenko’s voters.

Bet on the Ukrainian parliamentary election

As it stands, all the candidates are seemingly involved in fraudulent activities concerning finance however a clear public favorite is emerging. Yulia Tymoshenko is on a mission to solve the state’s affairs and inequalities. When placing a bet on the Ukrainian presidential election, internet sportsbook sites in Ukraine such as Vbet Sportsbook are offering glorious odds for a bet on Tymoshenko at 3.40.   


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