Bet On The US To Win The President’s Cup, Or His Displeasure

Bet On The US To Win The President's Cup

The Ryder Cup win by the United States at home in front of a packed crowd at Hazeltine National Golf Club ended a six year winning streak by Europe back in 2016, but now the Europeans have to take a back seat as the President’s Cup rolls around under the honorary chairmanship of non-other than Donald Trump himself. The question is can the Rest Of The World repeat their only victory against the US so far or should you bet on the US to win the President’s Cup this year at Liberty National?

  • Are the 11/4 odds on the International team to win the President’s Cup missing the zeitgeist?
  • Is it worth betting on the US team to win the President’s Cup at just 4/11?
  • Can a draw crop up again like 2003 or is 12/1 a little too long for a sensible wager?
  • Will Donald Trump be watching?

The Europe vs America Ryder Cup is by far the older competition but the President’s Cup allows a whole swathe of golfers from neither America nor Europe to get in on the action and this September the International Team led by Nick Price of Zimbabwe will take on the bet golfers in the US under the captaincy of Steve Stricker, the fifty year old from Edgerton, Wisconsin whose wealth of experience makes a bet on the US to win the President’s Cup a sensible wager, for a given definition of sensible.

What prevents it being a no brainer is that this will be Nick Price’s third turn at the tiller and you get the feeling that his determination to beat the Americans on their own soil this year is just a bit more pronounced. They say the third time’s a charm and so whilst putting a bet on the US to win the President’s Cup might be wise, if you’re going to take advantage of US gambling laws to wager on this prestigious golfing landmark you may wish to wager that Nick and Co. end America’s domination of the event.

Will It Be Third Time Lucky For Nick Price In The President’s Cup?

Of the 11 incarnations thus far held (on the years between Ryder Cups) the US has won nine times, six times in succession to date, and the International side has just one victory to their name, with a 17-17 draw in 2003 perhaps the closest it’s been since the nineties. This record then suggests that a bet on the US to win the President’s Cup at Bet365 is probably the wisest course of action, and frankly under normal circumstances, I’d probably agree with you. But these aren’t normal circumstances, are they?

Trump playing golf
Source: The Independent

If you are going to bet on the US to win the President’s Cup do remember the 45th White House resident is a massive golf fan who spends half his time attempting to run the most powerful nation on Earth from the fairways of his Mar-a-Lago resort, so he’ll be watching. Anyone in the US gambling news this narcissistic, racist, sexist, creep with all the worldly understanding of a dead gerbil is watching won’t motivate the International team just that little bit more than in previous years should guess again.

Bet On The US To Win The President’s Cup At Bet365

President’s Cup
US vs Non Europeans
First held in 1994
Sept 28th – Oct 1st
Liberty National GC
No Prize or Purse
Proceeds Go To Charity

Obviously Donald Trump’s reputation probably won’t be the deciding factor in the matches at the the Liberty National Golf Club, but it may well play a small part, and might certainly help counter some of the home field advantage the American team takes into the tournament this time round. The chance to wipe the smile off his face must be mouthwatering. So ironically that bet on the US to win the President’s Cup at Bet365 may well be sensible only if you still believe facts more important than feelings and emotions.

The facts (and I mean actually real facts not “alternative facts” a la Kellyanne Conway) is that right now the International team garners a scant 11/4 at Bet365 which is pretty dreary in a two horse race, whilst the home side from the US of A get a far more optimistic 4/11 with the hugely unlikely result of a draw fetching 12/1. Placing a bet on the US to win the President’s Cup is simplicity itself, and if you regularly bet on sports in the US, probably your first choice, but that International side could surprise you yet.

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