UK Online Blackjack Champ Wins €122k at Royal Panda Casino

UK blackjack champion

What is there to take away from the session of the UK blackjack champ who left the table with €122k on his balance?

  • Roger’s game of choice was Royal Panda Live Blackjack
  • He was playing with higher than usual bets
  • What other live blackjack games are available at Royal Panda Casino?

Royal Panda Casino welcomed another big time winner from the UK. Roger, a regular blackjack player, scored €122,315 in total at the exclusive Royal Panda Live Blackjack table. According to the casino, this table offers higher bet limits than your regular one. Roger took advantage of those limits, and with luck on his side, he accumulated an outstanding payout.

As it is with most casino games, larger bets can produce higher winnings on blackjack. If you’d like to play high roller blackjack, make sure to check out the available bet limits. Keep in mind that high roller tables are usually named VIP or Exclusive. Also, just because a has a higher maximum bet limit, it doesn’t mean that the minimum bet is €100. In most cases, the lower limit is around €1.

Royal Panda Casino has a monthly blackjack promotion. On the 21st of each month, players who scored at least one blackjack have the chance to score an extra €210 cash prize on top of their wins. Check out our review about Royal Panda Casino for more information!

Royal Panda Casino’s live blackjack selection:

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