Betfair Plans to use Google Glass Technology as Part of New Gambling Service

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In light of recent technological innovations, Betfair seeks to make use of Google Glass technology to deliver a higher standard of betting to customers.

Gambling news reports that Barry Orr, Betfair spokesman, wore the Goggle Glass headset while reporting from Leicester Racecourse live. The company has also indicated they plan to optimize their current service portfolio and combine it with Glass. Furthermore, Betfair wants to add a specific “Glassware” product in order to help increase the technology’s popularity.

Betfair’s director of product innovation, Alex Deacon, commented on plans for the new project despite the recent launch in the UK market. “Glass has only recently arrived in the UK, so using it during our TV betting slots is just the very first step.”

Exciting new-age betting technology

Deacon emphasized the importance of the new technology in enhancing betting experience. “Even more exciting is the potential that we see in understanding the usage and growth of wearable technology when it comes to improving our customers betting experience in ways beyond simply looking at prices on their phones, tablets or computers.”

The director of the mobile betting firm also stated, “Betting has moved on from simply placing a bet and waiting for it to win or lose. With products such as Cash Out we know customers want to stay connected to their bets throughout the day and wherever they are.” He believes that technological innovation will help them create better services in the future.

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